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Meta Plans to Launch AI Model Surpassing OpenAI’s GPT-4 by Next Year

Meta hopes to reclaim its place in the competitive AI scene with a new language model that outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4. Training will start early

By Mukund Kapoor Gains More Users, Nears ChatGPT in U.S. Mobile App Use

Market data reveals is on the rise with a strong focus on younger users, while ChatGPT still leads in global reach.

By Mukund Kapoor

Alibaba Makes AI Model Tongyi Qianwen Public

Alibaba opens its AI language model to the public, signaling a new chapter in AI development in China.

By Mukund Kapoor

Microsoft Introduces Orca, a Compact AI Model Learning from GPT-4

Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, has launched Orca, a novel AI model that imitates and learns from larger language models, including the widely recognized

By Mukund Kapoor

31% of Investors Trust AI for Financial Guidance

A new survey reveals that 31% of investors would follow financial advice from AI without double-checking. But experts warn the trust might be misplaced.

By Mukund Kapoor

Meta Plans ‘Sassy Robot’ AI Chatbot Aimed at Young Users

Meta set to unveil new generative AI chatbot personas, including ones for fan-celebrity interactions, at the upcoming Meta Connect event.

By Mukund Kapoor
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6 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Honest Review)

By Mukund Kapoor

Check out the best ChatGPT alternative that you should must try right now.

45 Best Midjourney Prompts (Epic List)

Not sure how to use the AI tool Midjourney to create word-class images? To your problem, I have the answer. In this article, I have gathered a collection of the

By Mukund Kapoor


Mercedes to Add ChatGPT to its Infotainment System

Mercedes is set to revolutionize the way drivers and passengers interact with their cars. The automaker announced plans to integrate ChatGPT, an advanced conversational

By Mukund Kapoor

Microsoft Launches Copilot AI and New Surface Devices

Microsoft introduces Copilot, a unified AI tool for Windows 11, and releases four new Surface devices, ramping up its AI-focused offerings.

By Mukund Kapoor

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Tom Hanks Denies Connection to AI-Created Dental Ad

By Mukund Kapoor

Actor clarifies his non-involvement in dental ad featuring his AI-generated likeness.

20 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Managing ADHD

By Mukund Kapoor

Looking for ChatGPT prompts specifically for managing ADHD? Life with ADHD often feels like a whirlwind of thoughts, tasks, and

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Debuts Humane’s Innovative AI Pin at Paris Fashion Week

By Mukund Kapoor

A new wearable "AI Pin" from Humane, founded by ex-Apple employees, was showcased by supermodel Naomi Campbell at Paris Fashion

NFT Artist Collects $140K for Edinburgh Cancer Charity

By Mukund Kapoor

Trevor Jones, a crypto artist, successfully raised $140,000 through an NFT art event, setting a donation record for Maggie’s Edinburgh,

Zuckerberg Reveals New Avatar Tech on Lex Fridman Podcast

By Mukund Kapoor

On the Lex Fridman podcast, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a stunning, photorealistic avatar, signaling Meta's promising steps toward the metaverse

ChatGPT Now Surfs the Web in Real-Time, But There’s a Twist!

By Mukund Kapoor

OpenAI enhances ChatGPT's capabilities but reserves new web browsing function for paying customers.