Humane’s AI Pin Update: A $699 Wearable Device With OpenAI Integration

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By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
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Humane's AI Pin, a novel wearable gadget integrating OpenAI, set for launch with a monthly subscription model.

In Short
  • Humane's AI Pin is set to disrupt wearable tech with a unique $699 screenless device.
  • The device offers innovative interaction methods and a subscription model for T-Mobile's network and AI features.
  • Anticipation builds for further details on functionality and market impact post-launch.

November 9, 2023: In a significant move in wearable technology, Humane is set to introduce its latest innovation, the AI Pin, which integrates advanced features with OpenAI’s capabilities, retailing at $699.

Ahead of its official unveiling this Thursday, detailed information has emerged about this device, which resembles a screenless wearable smartphone, complete with a monthly subscription fee of $24 and running on a network powered by T-Mobile.

The AI Pin is designed to attach magnetically to clothing, doubling as a battery pack to allow easy power swaps throughout the day.

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Humane’s Homepage (Recent Update)

Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Pin boasts a camera and sensors to record its surroundings, a unique “personic speaker,” and Bluetooth connectivity for external audio devices.

Interaction with the AI Pin diverges from traditional devices, focusing on voice commands and a green laser projector that displays information on your hand.

Additionally, gestures and a touchpad provide input methods, with manual activation ensuring privacy and a “Trust Light” indicating active recording.

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Credits / Humane

The monthly subscription offers a phone number, cellular data, cloud storage, and unlimited AI queries.

While Humane promotes the AI Pin as a standalone device, it requires the platform for setup and content management, though it’s unclear if this is a web-based or mobile application.

The Cosmos operating system eschews typical apps for a seamless AI-integrated system, rumored to be powered by GPT-4, providing features like personalized message writing, email summarization, language translation, and nutritional information.

The AI Pin also includes an AI DJ from Tidal and AI-driven photography features.

With the official announcement imminent, questions remain regarding the AI Pin’s functionality, release date, and market viability for a screenless smartphone alternative.


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  • The AI Pin’s design and features sound interesting.

    I’m curious to know more about its battery life – how long can it go between power swaps with its battery pack feature?

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