7 Best AI Tools for Human Resource Professionals

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Looking for the best AI tools for human resource professionals?

Human Resource (HR) professionals always seek ways to enhance workflow and boost efficiency. But have you ever wondered how AI can reshape the HR sector? Imagine AI tools that save time and costs and minimize human errors and biases, promoting a more engaged and productive workplace.

In this blog post, we’ve shared some of the best and most popular AI tools for HR professionals.

Let’s explore!

Why Using Human Resource AI Tools Is Necessary

Human Resource AI Tools Is Necessary

According to our findings, AI tools’ big advantages in improving efficiency, cutting costs, and making decisions make using them in Human Resource (HR) tasks even more important.

AI has changed many parts of human resource management since it was introduced into HR offices. It is now an essential tool in the modern workplace.

AI tools like ChatGPT can help HR workers screen job applicants, develop interview questions, and review candidates’ answers to find the best ones. This speeds up the hiring process and makes it easier to keep good candidates.

AI could check employee records, train new employees, and provide tools for the company.

It makes workers happier because they aren’t left hanging during training. This improves the brand’s picture and keeps good employees.

In HR, AI automates repetitive tasks and uses predictive data to help people make better decisions. Cost-cutting ideas and information on good ways to hire people are given.

AI-powered HR systems also deal with problems like data security and hiring bias and ensure that HR strategy fits business goals.​

So, by now, you might have understood how AI tools can help HR professionals improve their overall productivity and efficiency.

Best AI Tools for Human Resource Professionals


Remember that this is an unsponsored and unranked list, as we have not tried each of them. However, our listing is based on general reviews and free product trials (only of the tools that provide a freemium option).

Here are some of the best AI tools that human resource professionals should try out to enhance their workflows:

1. JuiceBox.Work


JuiceBox automatically gathers and analyzes different HR data, like employee records, performance reviews, and poll results. Its own AI system turns these complicated numbers into stories and reports that are easy to understand.

Also, JuiceBox uses natural language processing to show useful patterns and trends in staff performance, engagement, and happiness. These can change HR strategies and practices.

Juicebox features

JuiceBox (PeopleGPT) lets HR use simple natural language searches to look through a huge database with more than 800 million candidates profiles. With this feature, you don’t have to use complicated boolean search operators. This makes the tool easier to get to and use.

For outreach initiatives, JuiceBox offers customizable email templates. It improves response rates while preserving the user’s voice. With 41 ATS and 21 CRM integrations, the product synchronizes data seamlessly.

Users can save and manage limitless searches and candidates across projects, improving team cooperation.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered People Search: Access a database of over 800 million profiles with natural language queries.
  • Data Visualization: Turn complex datasets into contextual stories and reports.
  • Personalized Email Templates: Improve outreach campaigns with AI-driven email customization.
  • Integration Capabilities: Sync with 41 ATS systems and 21 CRMs.
  • Diverse Candidate Sourcing: Uncover talent from varied backgrounds and experiences.
  • Project Management: Save and manage unlimited searches and candidates.
  • Collaborative Tools: Share searches and profiles for coordinated team efforts.


  • Free Plan: Limited functionality with 1 seat, free run of one search, and AI email templates.
  • Professional Plan: $79 per seat/month, includes 100 email credits, unlimited profiles and searches, and CSV export.
  • Team Plan: $199 per month for 3 seats, additional features like team collaboration and increased export limits.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for full access to all features, ideal for larger teams.

Check out Juicebox!

2. VanillaHR


VanillaHR is an advanced applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines the entire recruitment process. With its AI-powered platform and wide range of features, hiring is made easier, faster, and better. VanillaHR works for a lot of different types of businesses, from small ones to big ones.

VanillaHR stands out because of its dashboard, which is easy for teams to use and makes it simple to see, track, and examine the hiring process. Because the platform works with more than 20 major job boards, openings are immediately posted on a wide range of local, global, and specialized job boards.

One important part of VanillaHR is its AI Video Interviews tool, VanillaHR Meet. This tool uses facial and voice analysis to give you more information about candidates than what’s on their resumes.

The platform also has a fully customizable job page that doesn’t require any coding.

This lets businesses directly find and manage candidates. Its powerful AI-driven analytics are meant to find and pick out the best job applications based on criteria that have already been set.

Key Features

  • Dashboard: Visualize and analyze recruitment processes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Job Boards Integration: Automatically post jobs on over 20 major job boards.
  • Customizable Career Page: No development required to create and manage career pages.
  • Candidate Pipeline: Manage all candidates in one place with a customizable drag-and-drop interface.
  • AI Analytics: Source and track candidates with AI-driven tools.
  • Email and Calendar Integration: Seamless communication and interview scheduling within the platform.
  • AI Video Interviews: Advanced interviewing tool providing deeper candidate insights.


  • Scale Plan: $79/month for growing businesses, including 25 active jobs and 50,000 candidates.
  • Advanced Plan: $159/month, the most popular choice, featuring 50 active jobs and 100,000 candidates.
  • Enterprise Plan: $250/month for large-scale hiring needs, with 100 active jobs and 1,000,000 candidates.

Check out VanillaHR!

3. SkillPool


SkillPool simplifies the hiring process through a user-friendly, three-step method. Employers begin by adding a job with its name and description. Next, they upload applicants’ resumes.

Finally, with a single click, SkillPool’s AI model ranks these applicants based on their suitability for the job. This streamlined process allows employers to quickly identify the most suitable candidates, saving valuable time and effort.

SkillPool is particularly effective for businesses of all sizes, offering various pricing plans to meet different needs. These plans range from a free option suitable for small startups to more advanced options for larger organizations.

The tool also provides additional resources, such as informative blog articles, to keep employers abreast of the latest trends in HR and recruitment.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Resume Screening: Automates the candidate evaluation process, ranking applicants based on their fit for the job.
  • Simple 3-Step Process: Easy job addition, resume upload, and candidate screening.
  • Diverse Pricing Plans: Tailored options for startups, growing businesses, and larger enterprises.
  • Resourceful Blog Articles: Insights into the latest HR and recruitment practices.


  • Free Plan: Ideal for small startups, offering one job slot and ten resumes per job.
  • Basic Plan: $20, perfect for growing startups with five job slots and 50 resumes per job.
  • Pro Plan: $50, designed for larger businesses with 15 job slots and 200 resumes per job.

Check out SkillPool Now!

4. Arc

Arc Ai tool for human resource

Arc is an AI-powered remote job marketplace designed to match employers with top remote developers quickly and efficiently.

Arc offers a unique platform where employers can find and hire qualified remote software developers within 72 hours. With a global pool of over 300,000 developers, Arc provides a diverse range of candidates with more than 170 technical skills.

The HireAI feature of Arc plays a crucial role by automating the screening process and highlighting top applicants, thus eliminating the need for manual resume review.

Employers using Arc can benefit from AI-driven candidate matching, which learns their preferences and delivers more personalized results after each review.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Applicant Screening: Automates the process of identifying top applicants.
  • Global Talent Pool: Access to over 300,000 remote developers from 190+ countries.
  • Efficient Hiring Process: Hire qualified developers in as little as 72 hours.
  • Reduced Hiring Bias: Fair and unbiased evaluation of candidates.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Streamlined process for faster and more effective hiring.


  • HireAI Lite: $399 per job/month for AI applicant screening and access to Arc’s candidate pool.
  • HireAI Premium: Custom fee, offering AI auto-sourcing and unlimited candidate interviews.
  • Freelance Plan: Pay hourly for top freelance software developers with a risk-free guarantee.

Check out Arc.Dev!

5. HollyHires

Holly AI tool for HR

Holly is an AI-powered virtual recruiter designed to revolutionize the hiring process for companies and recruitment agencies.

Holly stands out as a comprehensive recruitment solution with access to over 750 million profiles across various platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, and GitHub.

Demo Holly – hollyhires.ai from Jacob Claerhout on Vimeo.

This expansive reach, combined with AI-driven matching, enables Holly to source the best candidates tailored to specific job requirements.

Employers can ask Holly what they are looking for, and the AI system will present a list of suitable candidates in minutes.

holly hiring chatbot

This tool is particularly useful for in-house recruitment teams and agencies that want to automate talent sourcing and outreach processes.

Key Features

  • AI-Based Sourcing: Automated candidate sourcing with continuous learning from interactions.
  • Hyper-Personalized Outreach: Natural, multi-channel communication to increase conversion rates.
  • Smart Screening: Efficient screening to filter suitable candidates from the influx of applications.
  • Natural Language Search: Easy candidate search using job descriptions or conversational language.
  • Integration with ATS: Holly seamlessly integrates with popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


  • Free Plan: Ideal for initial testing, offering unlimited roles, 50 candidates, and 50 personal email credits.
  • Professional Plan: $59/month for unlimited roles and candidates, with 100 monthly personal email credits.
  • Team Plan: Customizable for larger teams with additional features and integrations.

Check out Holly!

6. Attract.ai

Attract AI

Attract.ai offers a comprehensive solution to manage the talent sourcing workflow on a single platform. It empowers users to discover hidden candidate profiles from over 40 social platforms, including a global database of over 700 million data-rich profiles.

One of the key features of Attract.ai is its ability to increase reply rates through hyper-personalized outreach messages. A Chrome extension facilitates this, allowing users to share effective communication strategies with their teams.

Additionally, the platform strengthens employer branding with its multi-channel sequencing tool, delivering a memorable candidate experience.

Attract.ai supports diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring workflow by providing powerful DE&I and talent mapping information.

The platform also offers social data enrichment, allowing users to delve deeper into candidates’ profiles with additional personal emails and phone numbers.

Key Features

  • AI Search Models: Personalized search models that find hidden talent pockets.
  • Global Search Capability: Access to over 700 million candidate profiles worldwide.
  • Iterative Searches: AI that learns with every search for continuous improvement.
  • Talent Mapping & Insights: Data-driven DE&I and talent mapping information.
  • Social Data Enrichment: Additional insights into candidates’ profiles.


Not Disclosed: Attract.ai employs a usage-based pricing model, allowing businesses to scale their usage and cost according to hiring needs.

Check Out Attract and Get a Quote!

7. ChatGPT

chatgpt interface

ChatGPT automates and enhances various HR tasks through prompts, from candidate screening to employee engagement.

Its ability to understand and generate human-like text allows it to interact effectively with candidates and employees. HR professionals can utilize ChatGPT to create job descriptions, screen resumes, conduct initial candidate interviews, and even provide automated responses to common HR-related queries.

One of the standout features of ChatGPT is its adaptability to various HR applications.

Additionally, ChatGPT can assist in training and development by providing personalized learning content and answering employee queries.

Key Features

  • Automated Candidate Screening: Efficiently screens resumes and conducts initial interviews.
  • HR Query Resolution: Provides instant responses to common HR inquiries, enhancing employee experience.
  • Training and Development Support: Offers personalized learning assistance and content generation.
  • Employee Engagement Analysis: Analyzes survey data to provide insights into employee satisfaction.
  • Automated Communication: Enhances outreach and communication with candidates and employees.


  • Individuals: $20/ month
  • Enterprise: As a product of OpenAI, ChatGPT is accessible through the OpenAI API, which follows a usage-based pricing model. This model allows organizations to scale their use of ChatGPT according to their specific HR needs.

Check out ChatGPT!

The End!

These AI Tools demonstrate the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to transform how HR departments operate, offering efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

As we’ve explored, each of these tools brings unique strengths to the table. Now, it’s up to you which tool you try to use for your organization or personal use.

Do not forget to comment on your favorite tool. Oh, and don’t forget to check more useful resources:

Happy exploring!


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