The Complete List of Banned Words In Midjourney (Updated)

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Using a dataset of text-image pairs, Midjourney AI is an art generator that generates artwork in response to textual prompts.

One must be familiar with the Midjourney AI’s rules of conduct before implementing them. If you do not comply, you can no longer use the Midjourney AI.

In this article, we’ll look at Midjourney AI’s rules and the list of words that aren’t allowed. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to get past the Midjourney filters.

Midjourney Rules That You Must Follow

By enrolling in the beta version of Midjourney AI, you agree to the privacy policy and rules outlined by Midjourney Inc. This means that Midjourney Inc. has the right to suspend or ban your access at any time if you breach the code of conduct.

The statement of #rules channel in Midjourney Discord is as follows:

Do not create images or use text prompts that are inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or otherwise abusive. Violence or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. No adult content or gore. Please avoid making visually shocking or disturbing content. We will block some text inputs automatically.

Midjourney Discord

List of Banned Words in Midjourney AI


Midjourney strives to make its content PG-13, and hence, it has implemented a filter that automatically forbids and bans exact words or similar words related to violence, drugs, harassment, adult content, gore, aggressiveness, and abusiveness.

Here is the list of banned words in Midjourney Discord:

Banned: Gore Words

A gore image is any picture of a deformed body, a limb that has been cut off, blood, violence, a human or animal body part that has fallen off, cannibalism, disease, etc.

  • Blood
  • Bloodbath
  • Crucifixion
  • Bloody
  • Flesh
  • Bruises
  • Car crash
  • Corpse
  • Crucified
  • Cutting
  • Decapitate
  • Infested
  • Gruesome
  • Kill (as in Kill la Kill)
  • Infected
  • Sadist
  • Slaughter
  • Teratoma
  • Tryphophobia
  • Wound
  • Cronenberg
  • Khorne
  • Cannibal
  • Cannibalism
  • Visceral
  • Guts
  • Bloodshot
  • Gory
  • Killing
  • Surgery
  • Vivisection
  • Massacre
  • Hemoglobin
  • Suicide
  • Female Body Parts

Banned: Adult Words

  • ahegao
  • pinup
  • ballgag
  • Playboy
  • Bimbo
  • pleasure
  • bodily fluids
  • pleasures
  • boudoir
  • rule34
  • brothel
  • seducing
  • dominatrix
  • seductive
  • erotic seductive
  • fuck
  • sensual
  • Hardcore
  • sexy
  • Hentai
  • Shag
  • horny
  • shibari (bondage in japanese)
  • incest
  • Smut
  • jav
  • succubus
  • Jerk off king at pic
  • thot
  • kinbaku (bondage in Japanese)
  • transparent
  • submissive
  • dominant
  • nasty
  • indecent
  • legs spread
  • cussing
  • flashy
  • twerk
  • making love
  • voluptuous
  • naughty
  • wincest
  • orgy
  • Sultry
  • XXX
  • Bondage
  • Bdsm
  • Dog collar
  • Slavegirl
  • Transparent and Translucent

Banned: Body Parts Words

  • Arse
  • Labia
  • Ass
  • Mammaries
  • Human centipede
  • Badonkers
  • Minge (Slang for vag)
  • Massive chests
  • Big Ass
  • Mommy Milker (milker or mommy is fine)
  • Booba
  • Nipple
  • Booty
  • Oppai (Japanese word for breasts)
  • Bosom
  • Melons (in bad sense)
  • Bulging
  • Coochie
  • Head (in vulgar sense)
  • Engorged
  • Organs
  • Breasts
  • Ovaries
  • Busty
  • Penis
  • Clunge (British slang for vagina)
  • Phallus
  • Crotch
  • sexy female
  • Dick (as in Moby-Dick)
  • Skimpy
  • Girth
  • Thick
  • Honkers
  • Vagina
  • Hooters
  • Veiny
  • Knob
  • Seductress
  • Shaft

Banned: Clothing Words

  • no clothes
  • Speedo
  • au naturale
  • no shirt
  • bare chest
  • nude
  • barely dressed
  • bra
  • risqué
  • clear
  • scantily
  • clad
  • cleavage
  • stripped
  • full frontal unclothed
  • invisible clothes
  • wearing nothing
  • lingerie with no shirt
  • naked
  • without clothes on
  • negligee
  • zero clothes

Banned: Taboo Words

  • Taboo
  • Fascist
  • Nazi
  • Prophet Mohammed
  • Slave
  • Coon
  • Honkey
  • Arrested
  • Jail
  • Handcuffs

Banned: Drugs Words

  • Drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Crack

More IllegalWords That You Should Not Use In Midjourney

The other category includes prompts that are inherently disrespectful, aggressive, or abusive.

  • Torture
  • Disturbing
  • Farts, Fart
  • Poop
  • Warts
  • Xi Jinping
  • Shit
  • Pleasure
  • Errect
  • Big Black
  • Brown pudding
  • Bunghole
  • Vomit
  • Voluptuous
  • Seductive
  • Sperm
  • Hot
  • Sexy
  • Plebeian
  • Sensored
  • Censored
  • Uncouth
  • Silenced
  • Deepfake
  • Inappropriate
  • Pus
  • Waifu
  • mp5
  • Succubus
  • 1488
  • Surgery

Tips to Escape from the Midjourney Filter

While it may be tempting to try to bypass the Midjourney filter, it’s important to remember that doing so can result in a ban. However, if you have a legitimate need to use a word that is on the banned list, there are a few tips you can follow to try to work around the filter:

  1. Replace banned words with similar but allowed words. For example, use “vaccination” instead of “vaccine.”
  1. Avoid using any word that is even remotely related to a banned word. If unsure whether a word might trigger the filter, err on caution and choose a different word.
  1. Consider using a synonym or alternate phrasing. If the banned word is central to your prompt, try rephrasing the prompt in a way that doesn’t require the use of the banned word.
  1. Remember that the Midjourney team constantly updates the banned word list, so what worked yesterday may not work today. Always check the #rules channel before submitting your prompt.

The Rise of AI-Generated Adult Content

The rise of AI-generated adult content has become a pressing issue in the context of AI image generation. Advances in AI have enabled the creation of highly realistic images and videos that can be used to produce adult content without the need for human actors.

This technology has been used to generate fake pornographic content featuring celebrities, politicians, and even non-public figures. Such content is often referred to as “deepfake porn” or “AI porn.”

One of the major concerns with AI-generated adult content is the potential for it to be used to create illegal and harmful content, such as child pornography. The recent arrest of a man for using AI software to create child p*rnography highlights the serious nature of this issue.

Another concern is the unauthorized use of individuals’ images to create deepfake porn without their consent. This has become a growing problem for young people, particularly women, whom online trolls or malicious actors may target.

The lack of federal laws in the United States to protect individuals from having their likenesses used in deepfake porn exacerbates the issue. However, other countries, such as the UK, have begun taking steps to address this problem.

There is an urgent need for governments and tech companies to work together to regulate AI-generated adult content and protect individuals from the spread of harmful content. This could involve creating new laws, improved AI algorithms that can detect and remove harmful content, and greater education and awareness of the risks associated with AI-generated content.

The End!

Midjourney AI can be a fun and creative way to generate art from text prompts.

However, it’s important to remember that Midjourney has strict rules around what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. Violating these rules can result in a suspension or ban from the service.

Before posting a prompt, ensure it complies with the #rules channel’s guidelines and, if in doubt, pick another prompt.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that the code of conduct isn’t just about following a list of banned words. It’s also about being respectful and kind to other members of the Midjourney community.

By treating others with respect and following the rules, we can all enjoy the benefits of this amazing AI art generator.

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    • Transparent and translucent are fine to use in general, but can’t be used to describe the innermost layer of clothing. E.g. transparent poncho over clothes is fine!

  • MJ also bans words based on political agenda. E.g. you can input the name of various current presidents, except the president of China. I expect many more similar banned phrases are missing here

    Also the word “arrested” is banned

  • half of the words that deal with transparent are ridiculous as well as chest or breast as HOW are you supposed to describe glass or something that is see-through as I was trying to say “see-through” for apparitions of Ghosts (oops banned as well!)
    It’s f’ing ridiculous!
    Surgery!?!? Seriously?!
    So basically, anything that deals with the human anatomy is banned which is f’ing stupid!!! Might as well ban “Finger” or “Playing” or “Toy”

    At least give us the benefit of the doubt by allowing the reading of the wording in full context or if an image is rendered after two times of someone nude or wearing a see through piece of clothing, to ban the person or put them on notice!!

    Midjourney is already losing customers left and right! Adobe is coming up with their own A.I. renderer and MJ might want to start getting REALLY worried about Adobe and being competition. There is also a great program called Blue Willow that is free and works like Midjourney with the prompts but not as strict.

    I can understand the logic, but it’s like trying to hold back the rain after a while when it comes to innocent wording – or is “Innocent” banned too?!

    Midjourney should at least give a person a chance to explain the need for the word.

    • Yes James, in some sense you are absolutely right. Some words like transparent has a lot of context and this really hinders in creating images sometimes.

  • From midjourney i get strong 1984/taliban/fascist vibes. The filter is ridiculous, i am a photographer for fashion and use ai to create fantasy themed artworks based on my photography. i cant even upload a picture of a woman in a classic closed dress, not to speak of swimwear and cocktail dresses. not even the pictures midjourney creates itself. i moved to stable diffusion and now i am
    fine, creating realistic looking photos of phoenix- mermaid- fairy etc. hybrids. this is just ridiculous…

  • Midjourney knows they can be as ridiculous as they want and we’ll still pay them. The outputs are just too good. It’s really incredible how puerile the mods are, though. The software is top notch, no doubt about it–but their policing is absolutely ludicrous. Their football, I guess. Pretty sad that a dozen services like this will direct all expression in the near future, though. Learn to think around them or be trapped in the agendas of their admins.

  • Massive chests is banned too

    dont know how to get around this anymore, saddly, if anyone knows some words or phrases to use instead it would he greatly appreciated

  • I don’t use Midjourney anymore. Local generators are much more versatile, nevertheless here are a couple more that used to be banned when I used MJ (and I suppose they still are, “because”) :

    * Xi Jinping (rather specific … )
    * Pleasure (as in “In Xanadu Did Kubla Khan A Pleasure Dome Errect” … and I’m half certain that errect might trigger the incredibly basic and stupid filter they “implemented”)
    * “Big Black” ( as in “Big Black Stallion breaking through a Thick pane of Transparent Paper” 😉

  • I’ve had my account banned for trying to generate attractive women. Just in a bikini, I wasn’t trying to generate anything extremely nsfw, just tastefully, artistic vintage bikini film photographs. Anyways, I have now started using Highly recommend that for anyone who is having the same issue.

  • I once tried to make an image of a “Gigantic Titan” but got flagged for “Gigantic Tit”

  • I really love the dystopic irony of the word “censored” being censored, lmao!

    Also, from this list I can clearly see that:
    1. Attractive female humans are either some sort of protected class or a conspiracy theory a la flat earth or aliens, and:
    2. Thicker/curvier built women simply do not exist. If one is ever spotted in the wild, like a rare Pokemon type or something, it’s simply just a “normal” woman wearing a cgi holographic body suit and no more than just an illusion.

    Anyone who’s smart or educated knows that women come in only one of two default shapes/sizes… Stick figure or 12 year old boy.
    So please stop spreading harmful, and frankly, dangerous misinformation (and fyi, this whole ‘thicc mama’s exist’ conspiracy is actually a major cause of climate change.. so yeah maybe like, try actually watching the news? Get informed!


  • Ꮋi! I could have sworn Ι’vе visited this web site before but after browsing thr᧐ugh many
    of thе posts I realized it’s new to me. Regaгdless, I’m cеrtainly pleased I
    found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

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