6 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Honest Review)

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Check out the best ChatGPT alternative that you should must try right now.

Looking for the best ChatGPT alternatives?

More and more people are turning to AI chatbots like ChatGPT to help with all sorts of tasks. But what if ChatGPT isn’t the perfect fit for you?

We don’t like ChatGPT that much. Sometimes, the information is old, it can give biased answers too, and it has many filters.

But don’t worry! There are lots of other great options out there.

To make your life easier, we’ve gathered a list of the best alternatives to ChatGPT.

These chatbots are smart, helpful, and ready to assist you in getting your work done faster and better.

So, keep reading our unbiased and unsponsored take to find your next favorite AI chatbot other than ChatGPT!

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

If you’re looking for general ChatGPT alternatives because you don’t want to spend $20 every month or you’re not able to buy ChatGPT Plus, then this list is for you.

Here are some of the best ChatGPT alternatives that you can try if ChatGPT is not what you like:

1. Chatsonic by Writesonic

ChatGPT Prompts for Managing ADHD

Chatsonic, powered by GPT-4, is a chatbot that aims to overcome the limitations of ChatGPT. It offers real-time data, image and voice searches, and a wide range of content creation abilities.

Chatsonic is an AI writing tool that offers an unlimited plan for just $16 per month, making it the most affordable option compared to ChatGPT.

Why Try Chatsonic as an Alternative to ChatGPT

You can use Chatsonic to find accurate information online and avoid making mistakes. AI chatbots remember conversations and use them to keep talking to you.

In our opinion, you should try using ChatSonic instead of ChatGPT. It is a great alternative that you might find more valuable as we have tried it among all the other tools in this list and found that Chatsonic performs far better than any other AI chatbot. And the best part is it costs $4 less than ChatGPT, making this a worthy ChatGPT alternative.

Though you may find many free options, too, our advice would be to go with Chatsonic and try this ChatGPT alternative.

Key Features:

  • Low Cost: At just $16 per month, it’s cheaper than ChatGPT but offers as much or even more.
  • Google Know-How: Chatsonic uses Google’s Knowledge Graph. That means you get up-to-date and correct info anytime.
  • Fun Personas: You can talk to it like it’s a coach, a poet, or even a stand-up comedian! Makes chatting more fun.
  • AI Art: Unlike ChatGPT, Chatsonic can make art from text. Just type something and see it turn into a cool image.
  • Smart Memory: It remembers your past chats, which is super useful for keeping the conversation flowing.
  • More than Text: You can also use voice commands, a step from just typing.
  • Easy to Use Anywhere: Got a phone? You can use Chatsonic. There’s an Android app that makes it a breeze to use on the go.
  • DIY Chatbots: If you have a business, you can make your own chatbot with Botsonic. No need for coding!


ChatSonic offers a tiered pricing model to cater to different needs, which is fairly competitive in the market. When you sign up for a trial, you can access 10,000 premium words at no cost.

If you already have a word balance on Chatsonic and would like to generate more, you can easily do so.

In addition, a subscription option for $16/month provides access to an infinite supply of premium words.

Our Review


We’ve used both ChatGPT and Chatsonic, and we must say, Chatsonic impresses us. For the price, you get a lot. Turning text into art is super cool; we love the persona feature. It makes asking questions a lot more fun. Also, using it on my phone is a huge plus. So, should you pick Chatsonic over ChatGPT? If you want more features and want to save some money, then yes, go for Chatsonic. It’s got a lot to offer and is a real game-changer in the AI chat world.

Pros Chatsonic's low price of $16 a month makes it very budget-friendly. You can have a fun chat experience with different personas like a coach or a poet. It's easy to keep the chat going because Chatsonic remembers your past conversations. Businesses can easily make their own chatbots with Botsonic, no coding needed.
Cons While it has Google Knowledge Graph, it may not have as broad a data source as some other options. The persona chats are fun, but sometimes they may not be as deep or detailed in their responses. AI art is a cool feature, but if you're not into art, it might not be that useful for you.

2. Microsoft Bing

bing best alternative to chatgpt

When you think about AI-driven chat tools, the focus usually shifts to Google and OpenAI.

But Microsoft Bing has shown it’s not one to be overlooked. Offering an AI model that rivals ChatGPT, Microsoft has released an upgraded version of Bing that features their AI chat engine, codenamed “Sydney.”

Originally announced as the “Prometheus model,” it was later confirmed that the tech behind it is none other than GPT-4.

Why Try Microsoft Bing as an Alternative to ChatGPT

For those who seek a search engine and a conversational AI bot in one, Bing provides this with finesse.

The new Bing also features a Chat mode, which allows users to engage in contextual conversations based on web queries. The service also offers multimodal capabilities, visual answers, and enhanced accuracy.

What makes it even more comparable to ChatGPT is its feature set, which includes abilities to plan trips, find recipes, and offer advice.

Previously available only via a waitlist, Bing’s chat engine is now public.

Key Features:

  • Powered by GPT-4: This ensures the chat experience is as fluid and conversational as ChatGPT.
  • Visual Input and Output: Unlike some other chatbots, Bing also supports visual queries and can provide visual answers.
  • Internet Connectivity: Bing AI is hooked to the web, delivering the latest information on any subject matter.
  • Chat History: Bing keeps a history of your chats so that you can return to them later.
  • Different Chat Modes: Bing offers different conversational styles, making it versatile for various users.
  • Cites Sources: One standout feature is that Bing credits the sources from where it pulls information, providing an extra layer of trust.


One of the best parts? Bing is free to use. So, if you’re looking for a no-cost alternative to ChatGPT, Bing offers a compelling case.

Our Review

Microsoft Bing

Based on my own experience, I can say that Microsoft Bing a lot like ChatGPT. These similarities come from the fact that both chatbots use GPT-4 as their base technology. From my own experience, I can say that it really shows how committed Microsoft is to making a name for itself in the area of AI. I know that Bing is still changing, so it might not have all the features that ChatGPT does. If you’re looking for a ChatGPT alternative that provides a blend of conversational interface and search engine capabilities, Bing deserves your attention. With a price tag of zero dollars, it’s a cost-effective way to jump into the world of AI-powered chat.

Pros Offers multiple conversational styles to suit user preferences. Delivers accurate and up-to-date information. Credits its sources, aiding in fact verification.
Cons Could be more responsive in terms of speed. It’s bound chiefly to Microsoft’s ecosystem, limiting its accessibility to Microsoft Edge or its dedicated app. Very short responses unlike ChatGPT which answers in detail.

3. Google Bard

bard ai

There are now a lot of new AI conversational apps, but Google Bard an excellent alternative to ChatGPT after Microsoft’s Bing Chat.

It uses LAMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to have deep and long talks with users.

Why Try Google Bard as an Alternative to ChatGPT

Google Bard presents itself as an intriguing alternative to ChatGPT, particularly for those who are already invested in Google’s ecosystem of products and services.

Google Bard is also meant to be very good at understanding context and producing text that makes sense and is relevant to the context.

Key Features:

  • Text and Image Uploads: Unlike other alternatives, Bard accepts both text and image inputs, making it a multi-modal chatbot. This opens doors to diverse use cases, from visual searches to image-based Q&As.
  • Real-time Research: Google’s extensive database is a treasure trove of information. Bard taps into this to deliver answers that are accurate and incredibly exhaustive.
  • PaLM 2-Powered: Bard relies on Google’s next-gen PaLM 2 language and conversational model, which offers a more refined conversational experience compared to its predecessors.
  • Export Capabilities: Whether you’re a coder or a content creator, Bard’s export options are a boon. You can export your interactions to Google Docs or Colab, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Multilingual Support: Bard’s language capabilities are not confined to English. It supports multiple languages, making it an ideal tool for global users.


As of now, Google Bard is free of cost since it is an experimental project. Google has not disclosed any future pricing plans, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious users.

Our Review

Google Bard


The Bard app offers clear and direct information, but sometimes its responses can be too general or lacking in evidence. The bugs are currently being tested and it is expected that they will be fixed soon. Bard benefits from Google’s support, which provides them with more resources and data, ultimately improving their performance. Should you choose Google Bard instead of ChatGPT? It all comes down to what you want to achieve. You should use Bard because it is excellent for quickly searching through Google’s huge database using different methods. If you want a lot of reliable information, you should use Chatsonic or give Bing AI a try.

Pros Bard provides quick and snappy replies, significantly cutting down the wait time. The ability to upload images is a step ahead in the chatbot game.
Cons Unlike Bing AI or ChatGPT, Bard doesn’t cite sources for the information it provides, which could be a concern for users looking for verified information. There have been instances where Bard seemed to replicate content from websites, raising concerns about originality.

4. Claude AI

ClaudeAI alternative of ChatGPT

The fourth alternative to ChatGPT that is gained a lot of users in the past month is Claude AI, developed by Anthropic.

With enhanced features and capabilities, Claude 2 takes the user experience to a new level. The company, which has received support from Google, positions itself as a direct competitor to OpenAI. Claude does not traditionally use the LLM model.

The product utilizes unique AI techniques, referred to as “proprietary,” which encompass a neural network, training data, and other undisclosed components.

Why Try Claude AI as an Alternative to ChatGPT

ClaudeAI is cool and does some things better than ChatGPT. First, you can add files like Word or PDFs. Claude reads them and then talks to you about them. This is something ChatGPT can’t do. You can ask Claude questions about the file you uploaded, and it understands what you’re asking.

Another cool thing is Claude can handle a lot of words. You can chat about many things at once, and it will not forget what it said earlier.

It’s like talking to a friend who listens. That’s because Claude uses 100K tokens, way more than ChatGPT’s 8K.

Claude knows things that happened up to early 2023, so it has fresher info than ChatGPT. If you want to know about new phones or events, Claude is better.

But be careful with links. Claude tries to tell you what a website says, but sometimes it gets wrong. So don’t trust it too much for this. Still, Claude has a lot going for it, and it is a good option if you need to upload files or want more recent information.

Key Features:

  • Big Chat Window: Claude’s got a 100k context window. What does that mean? It means it remembers a lot of what you said, so you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.
  • Book Smart: You can load a whole library of books into Claude. So, if you’re a book lover, you and Claude will get along just fine.
  • File Uploads: You can even send PDF files to Claude. I’ll read them and chat about it with you.
  • Safe and Sound: Claude is designed to be super safe to use. That’s a big deal if you’re worried about that kind of thing.


Guess what? Claude is free right now if you’re in certain countries.

But they also have some plans where you pay based on how much you chat. It’s cheaper than GPT-4, so that’s something to consider if you’re watching your wallet.

Our Review


It looks like ClaudeAI could be a good alternative to ChatGPT, but it’s not for everyone. For different reasons, we put it in fourth place. It’s helpful if you work with papers because it can read and summarize uploaded files.ClaudeAI remembers more of the chat context because its context window is bigger. This helps with hard conversations. Its summary links don’t always work right, which makes it hard to get correct information. Do we think ClaudeAI is better than ChatGPT? Not all the time. There are some nice things about it and some strange things about it. ClaudeAI might be great for summarizing files or keeping offline info up to date.

Pros Totally free to use for now, so you can try it without worrying about money. Super fast at replying. No waiting around.
Cons People in some countries can use it, which is kind of a bummer if you're not in one of those places.

5. Poe AI

poeai chatbot

Poe is a popular chatbot website that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions as quickly as possible. This unique Quora product is built on OpenAI GPT and Claude-version 1.2.

Why Try Poe AI as an Alternative to ChatGPT

Poe AI is the brainchild of Quora’s CEO, Adam D’Angelo. His aim? To make bots easy for all to use. Poe AI offers something different in a busy field of bots like Google Bard and Bing AI.

However, it’s not free right now as you can only type 2 to 3 messages per day, and it costs $19/month, but it has some good reviews.

The reason why it ranks so low on our list is that it lacks a lot of features that Chatsonic or Microsoft Bing AI Chat provides.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Bots in One App: Poe offers access to various bots like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude Plus, and Claude Instant, all in one interface.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Poe’s mobile app makes it easy to chat on the go, a feature that many users find convenient compared to web-only interfaces.
  • Subscription Plans: Poe provides a Pro service at $19.99 a month, which removes daily message limits and offers premium features.
  • Bot Recommendations: Poe aims to guide users in selecting the most appropriate bot for specific tasks, like writing or programming.
  • Inter-Device Sync: The app syncs all your chat data across different devices, so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • User-Created Bots: Poe allows you to create and customize your own bots for unique use cases.


Poe’s Pro service is priced at $19.99 a month. This gives you more access to bots. It’s a decent deal if you plan to use bots a lot.

Our Review

Poe AI

We’ve had some experience with Poe AI, and here’s our take. It’s an interesting concept, bringing together a variety of bots in one place, making it quite appealing for bot enthusiasts. However, we must admit that at times, it can feel a bit overwhelming due to the multitude of bot options displayed on the screen. On the positive side, Poe AI is impressively fast in delivering responses, which we found to be a significant advantage. Now, if you’re wondering whether we’d choose Poe as a ChatGPT alternative, it’s a matter of preference. If you enjoy experimenting with different bots, Poe is an excellent choice. However, if you prioritize in-depth answers with well-embedded links, Chatsonic or Bing or similar alternatives might be more suitable.

Pros The big plus is having many bots in one place. Poe is faster than some other options out there.
Cons Sometimes the app gives you too many options. It can feel busy. Poe doesn't offer web links in answers. So, you can't always check the info it gives you.

6. Jasper Chat


Jasper is a powerful tool that makes different kinds of content using AI. Recently, they made Jasper Chat, which is like ChatGPT but mainly for businesses like marketing and ads.

It can create blog posts, suggest titles, make emails sound nice, and do other writing jobs.

It can even make pictures for your stuff. Jasper Chat is built to help with writing, marketing, and sales. It uses GPT-3.5, like ChatGPT, and some other AI tech. It’s great for customer service, sales, and marketing tasks.

Why Try Jasper as an Alternative to ChatGPT

Jasper Chat, ranked 6th among ChatGPT alternatives, is a helpful tool for content creators. It’s part of the Jasper suite of AI tools and can do many things. It can write blog articles, suggest catchy titles, and even create AI art.

One cool thing about Jasper Chat is that it works in 29 languages, so it’s great for people worldwide. It also remembers past conversations, so it feels like a real chat. You can even teach it to sound like your brand.

However, it’s not perfect. Sometimes, it makes mistakes, so you might need to check its work. Also, it’s not free; you must pay at least $59 monthly. But if you’re serious about making content, it could be worth it.

In short, Jasper Chat is a useful tool for content creators. It might not be the best in every way, but it’s an excellent all-around choice.

Key Features:

  • Multilingual Support: Jasper Chat can generate content in 29 different languages.
  • Context Memory: The chatbot remembers previous interactions for more coherent and context-aware conversations.
  • Brand Training: Users can train Jasper to align with their specific brand voice.
  • Content Variety: Jasper can produce a wide range of content, from blog articles to AI-generated art.


Jasper Chat is available to paid subscribers through Jasper’s Business and Boss plans. The Boss plan starts at $59 per month, offering a range of premium features, including the chatbot.

Although there is no free tier specifically for Jasper Chat, the company does offer a 5-day trial to let users explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription.

Our Review

Jasper Chat

After giving Jasper Chat a try, some of our readers found it to be a strong tool, particularly for content creation needs. The chatbot’s ability to remember previous parts of the conversation added a slight touch, making the interactions feel more seamless and context-aware. The feature that stood out the most was the chatbot’s adaptability to multiple languages—29 to be exact—which is a massive plus for anyone dealing in multilingual content. However, we couldn’t ignore the need for manual fact-checking, as Jasper occasionally produced information that was not entirely accurate. Another downside was the somewhat generic and repetitive nature of the content when not supplied with detailed prompts.

Pros With its wide variety of content options, it's a one-stop-shop for content creators. The 29 supported languages make it accessible for a global audience. Provide several new topic ideas.
Cons Some user reports indicate that Jasper's generated content may require verification for accuracy. The premium features come with a relatively high starting price of $59 per month.

ChatGPT Alternatives Comparison Table

Features / ChatbotsChatsonicMicrosoft BingGoogle BardClaude AIPoe AIJasper Chat
Cost✅ $16/month✅ Free✅ Free✅ Free (Limited)❌ $19.99/month❌ $59/month
Real-Time Data
Image Search✅ Visual Input
Voice Search
Content Creation
Memory✅ Chat History✅ 100K Tokens
Up-to-Date Info
Fun Personas
Art Creation
DIY Chatbots
File Uploads
Mobile App

Which is The Best ChatGPT Alternative?

There are several worthy ChatGPT alternatives in the market. But, based on functionality, ease of use, and value for money, Chatsonic by Writesonic and Jasper stand out as top contenders.

Everything We Liked

  • Rich Feature Set: Writesonic doesn’t just limit itself to chat functionalities; it also offers a robust set of tools for content creation, from blog posts and articles to social media updates.
  • High-Quality Text Generation: Writesonic’s underlying language model has been trained extensively, ensuring that the text generated is coherent, relevant, and, most importantly, human-like.
  • User Experience: With a clean, intuitive UI, Writesonic makes it easy, even for those who are not tech savvy, to navigate through its numerous features.
  • Customization: Writesonic allows you to tweak the output according to your needs. You can customize tone, style, and word usage to align with your brand’s voice.
  • Pricing Flexibility: Although you mentioned that cost isn’t a primary concern, it’s worth noting that Writesonic offers various plans for both individual freelancers and large enterprises.

Honorable Mention: Jasper

If cost were not a factor, Jasper would be a strong contender for the top spot. Its capabilities are quite similar to those of Writesonic, including excellent text generation and customization features.

However, the pricing model makes it a less accessible option for some users, especially those on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Alternatives to ChatGPT for Text Generation?

If you’re exploring options beyond ChatGPT for text and chat generation, Writesonic and Jasper are currently leading the pack. Writesonic offers a rich feature set that includes chat functionalities and tools for content creation like blog posts, articles, and social media updates. Jasper is another excellent choice, especially if pricing isn’t a concern.

Why is Writesonic Considered the Best ChatGPT Alternative?

Writesonic stands out for its high-quality text generation, intuitive user interface, customization options, and flexible pricing plans. It’s an all-in-one solution for various content creation needs, making it a versatile choice for individuals and businesses alike.

And that’s the end of this article. We hope this post helps you choose the best alternative similar to ChatGPT.

If you have any questions or are stuck at any point making the right decision, please comment below. GreatAIPrompts community is always here for your help.

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