1. Daniel Too says:

    AI Powered marketing chatbot is fadt becomes mainstream for marketing to pivot and target market customers. And, its just the beginning off the iceberg as Google and others join the market place .

  2. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      Yes why not.

  3. Can Chat GPT create a visual text with instructed symbolism for my students to do critical response? Eg, ‘Workplace discrimination against elderly workers’ or ‘Does the use of technology in sports create an uneven playing field for athletes?’

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      We don’t think that it can create visual text. But you can give it a try.

  4. Forgive the dumb question but I am very very new at this. When using business prompts for “my company” our “our product”. How does it know who/what I am talking about?

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      Nahh it’s not a dumb question Pascal. You have to provide some of the essential details about your product and your company. Say you copied the prompt and pasted it, then you can add “Hey ChatGPT, here are my company and product details for your reference.” Then you can provide the information after that.

  5. You start the article by talking about GPT and so forth and then begin talking about prompts … numerous times … but don’t tell the un-informed what a prompt is until the end of your article … which makes no sense. You should have defined what a prompt is at the VERY beginning of your article.

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      So sorry Jeff. Some of our articles explain what prompts are and everything around it. Will update this one with the information you told.

  6. “Chat GPT Prompts To Tell Him To Act As Someone”

    Really? “Him??” ChatGPT is an “it .” Or if you choose to anthropomorphize a computer program, call it “they.”

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      So sorry for that we understand, let us not get offended on everything. But as you mentioned it, we will change it to it.

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