Graphic Fake Images of Taylor Swift Spread on X

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 3 Min Read
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AI-generated explicit images of Taylor Swift circulate on X, challenging content moderation and sparking widespread concern.

In Short
  • Explicit AI-generated images of Taylor Swift have spread on X
  • The original post was removed after 17 hours, but similar content continues to appear on the platform
  • Swift's fans counter the spread by promoting real clips of the artist

January 26, 2024: Graphic images of Taylor Swift, made using artificial intelligence (AI), have recently flooded X, a social media platform.

These images are explicit and fake, causing a lot of worry about the spread of AI-generated fake p*rnography. This issue shows how hard it is to stop this content from spreading online.

One of the most shared examples on X was viewed over 45 million times, reposted 24,000 times, and received many likes and bookmarks.

The person who shared these images first had their account stopped because they broke the platform’s rules. This post was available on X for about 17 hours before it was taken down.

But when people started talking about these images, they spread more. They were shared again on different accounts. Many of these posts are still up, and more graphic fake images keep appearing.

In some places, the term “Taylor Swift AI” became a popular topic, making more people see these images.

A report from 404 Media says these images might have started in a group on Telegram.

This group shares explicit AI-generated images of women, often made with Microsoft Designer. People in the group talked about how the Taylor Swift images became very popular on X.

X has clear rules against fake and edited media and sharing images of people without their permission.

This includes the kind of content with Taylor Swift. X, representatives for Taylor Swift, and the NFL haven’t answered our questions about this.

But X made a public statement almost a day after this happened. They didn’t talk about the Swift images directly.

Swift’s fans are unhappy with X for not quickly removing many of these posts.

As a response, fans use hashtags linked to these images to share real videos of Swift performing. This is to hide the fake explicit images.


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