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Mukund Kapoor, the enthusiastic author and creator of GreatAIPrompts, is driven by his passion for all things AI. With a special knack for simplifying complex AI concepts, he's committed to helping readers of all levels - be it beginners or experts - navigate the intriguing world of artificial intelligence. Through GreatAIPrompts, Mukund ensures that readers always have access to the most recent and relevant AI news, tools, and insights. His dedication to quality, accuracy, and clarity is what sets his blog apart, making it a reliable go-to source for anyone interested in unlocking the potential of AI. For more information visit Author Bio.
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20 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Managing ADHD

By Mukund Kapoor

Looking for ChatGPT prompts specifically for managing ADHD? Life with ADHD often feels like a whirlwind of thoughts, tasks, and

How to Add Hidden Text and Messages in AI Images (Guide)

By Mukund Kapoor

If you're very active on Reddit and Instagram, you may have seen images with hidden messages visible when you twitch

SAP Introduces Joule a Business-Driven Generative AI Assistant

By Mukund Kapoor

The new AI copilot Joule is set to reshape business operations by offering smart insights embedded across SAP's cloud solutions.

OpenAI Adds Voice and Image Search to ChatGPT

By Mukund Kapoor

OpenAI enhances ChatGPT's capabilities by adding voice conversations and image search. Plus and Enterprise users to get these features soon.

Meta Plans ‘Sassy Robot’ AI Chatbot Aimed at Young Users

By Mukund Kapoor

Meta set to unveil new generative AI chatbot personas, including ones for fan-celebrity interactions, at the upcoming Meta Connect event.

Netizens Captivated by AI-Generated Island Image That Mirrors PM Narendra Modi’s Face

By Mukund Kapoor

Artist Madhav Kohli uses AI technology to create a visually arresting island landscape, generating buzz for its uncanny resemblance to