Supermodel Naomi Campbell Debuts Humane’s Innovative AI Pin at Paris Fashion Week

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A new wearable "AI Pin" from Humane, founded by ex-Apple employees, was showcased by supermodel Naomi Campbell at Paris Fashion Week, with a full unveiling planned for November.

In Short
  • Humane's "AI Pin", a clothing-based wearable device, was showcased at Paris Fashion Week by Naomi Campbell.
  • Founded by ex-Apple employees, Humane has secured significant funding for its AI-driven projects.
  • The full reveal of the AI Pin is eagerly awaited in the coming event on November 9.

October 1, 2023: Humane, a company known for its secretive software and hardware projects, is now making headlines in the world of fashion. Originating back in 2017 and led by former Apple staffers Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, Humane has garnered significant attention and funding, even though details of its products have been kept under wraps.

Having attracted investors, Humane managed to raise a notable $30 million in a Series A funding in 2020 at a valuation of $150 million. This was followed by a $100 million B round featuring big names like Tiger Global Management, SoftBank Group, BOND, Forerunner Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.

An additional $100 million was raised this past March, showcasing the high levels of trust and interest in the firm’s vision. The involvement of Sam Altman and collaboration with OpenAI emphasize the company’s serious intent to leverage AI in its products.

Close-up of the Humane AI Pin.
Close-up of the Humane AI Pin.

This summer, the company hinted at its first product: the “AI Pin.” Described as a “connected and intelligent clothing-based wearable device,” it uses numerous sensors to facilitate “contextual and ambient compute interactions.”

This wearable is designed to be screenless and prioritize user privacy with features like the absence of an ‘always on’ listening mode.

At the recent Paris Fashion Week, this mysterious device made a surprise appearance. Naomi Campbell, the renowned supermodel, donned the AI Pin on her lapel during the Coperni’s 2024 Spring Summer show. She became the first person outside of Humane to publicly wear the device.

Naomi Campbell at the Coperni Paris Fashion Week 2023. Credits / Coperni
Naomi Campbell at the Coperni Paris Fashion Week 2023. Credits / Coperni

Humane founders Chaudhri and Bongiorno expressed their excitement and highlighted their collaboration with Coperni designers Arnaud and Sébastien.

They spoke about people’s changing relationship with technology and described their device as representing “a new paradigm of ambient, AI-driven computing.”

Even though the device’s exact functionalities remain a topic of speculation, some features can be gleaned from the available images.

The screenless pin seems to have front-facing sensors, with additional ones possibly directed at the wearer’s face. Humane emphasizes its stand-alone capabilities, hinting that users might be able to leave their smartphones at home, a concept other brands have introduced with LTE-enabled smartwatches.

Details will be clearer when Humane fully unveils the AI Pin at their event on November 9.


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