14 Best AI Image Generators in 2024 (Unbiased List)

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Explore Your Creativity with these Best AI Image Generators!

Are you searching for the best AI image generators?

AI image generators work by taking a text prompt and using their best efforts to transform it into a corresponding image. Though it is easy to create AI art (and we love to do that), finding the best AI art generator is challenging.

This post has compiled a comprehensive list of the best AI image generators to help you generate awesome AI-generated images in minutes.

Let’s get started!

The Best AI Image Generators (Must Try)

AI image generators have been causing quite a buzz lately, and it’s easy to see why. But if you’re wondering what they are and why they’re so popular, you’re not alone.

AI image generators are programs that use artificial intelligence to create images.

They’ve been trained on millions of photos and have learned to identify and generate images based on these training data. Some notable AI image generators include Dall-EStable Diffusion, and Craiyon​​.

However, there are a lot of other best AI image generators that provide many features, too.

In creating this list of the best AI image generators, we had a few crucial factors in mind:

  • The image generator’s ability to create AI images from a text prompt.
  • The independent functionality of the AI image generator.
  • The ease of use & customization options

So, without further ado, let’s check our list of the best AI image generators:


Dalle 3

DALL·E 3 is a fantastic AI image generator from OpenAI, the well-known language model ChatGPT makers. DALL·E 3 stands out for its exceptional simplicity and affordability for those looking for the best AI image generation.

Although its results may not be the most photorealistic, its ease of use makes it a top choice for beginners.

It offers a highly user-friendly process. Simply sign up for a free OpenAI account, type in your desired prompt, and click Generate.

Simply sign up for a free OpenAI account

In mere seconds, you’re presented with four distinct AI-generated image variations. If you’ve ever used ChatGPT, the interface will be familiar and comfortable.

Regarding pricing, DALL·E 2 offers a fair deal. Upon signing up, you get 50 free credits with 15 additional credits added to your account each month. Each credit allows you to create four image variations from a single prompt.

If you need more, packs of 115 credits can be purchased for $15, roughly $0.13 per prompt or $0.0325 per image variation.

DALL E pricing


Individual$15 per month15 credits per monthAccess to DALL-E 2 web app and API
Pro$45 per month120 credits per monthAccess to DALL-E 2 web app and API
EnterpriseContact OpenAI for pricingUnlimited creditsAccess to DALL-E 2 web app and API, custom features, and priority support
DALL E 3 Pricing

Learn How to Use DALL-E 2

2. Bing Image Creator

Bing AI Image Creator

Microsoft has created an excellent AI image generator called Bing Image Creator.

Who doesn’t love free AI tools (we love them too…hehe🥹)? This is the best part of Bing AI art generator. It’s powered by a more advanced version of the DALL-E model, promising the same or even higher quality results.

The convenience and accessibility it offers make it an appealing choice.

Bing Image Creator eliminates the problem of switching between platforms.

With your Microsoft account, you can easily access the image generator on the same platform where Bing’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, is available.

The image generator can even be directly accessed through Bing Chat. Simply ask it to create an image based on your desired prompt, and voilà, your image is ready.

AI Image Generator

This seamless integration of tools under one umbrella makes Bing Image Creator one of the best AI image generators on the internet.

The best part about Bing Image Creator is its free accessibility.

All you need to get started is a visit to the website and a sign-in with your Microsoft account.


Free: The number of Microsoft rewards will determine how many AI-generated images you can create. For example, right now, in our account, we have 100 reward points. With 100 reward points, we can generate up to 90 images.

Learn How to Use Bing AI Image Generator

3. NightCafe

NightCafe AI Image generator

If you’re looking for an AI art generator that offers an array of art styles and options, NightCafe is a name to remember.

It stands out for its user-friendly interface, a credit-based system, and an active community you can engage with.

NightCafe is particularly appreciated for the control it gives users over the image generation process. The best part is you are the sole owner of the content you create on NightCafe.

You can do whatever you want with it – share, sell, print. It’s all yours!


FreeFreeUnlimited base Stable Diffusion creations, community access
Credits$7.99 – $299.99 USDGenerate high-resolution, long-runtime images, access advanced features
PRO Subscription$4.99 – $79.99 USDUnlimited all-type image generation, priority processing, PRO features
NightCafe AI Pricing

Learn How to Use NightCafe

4. Runway ML

AI Image Generator

Runway ML is a robust AI image generator built for creators and artists. It stands out due to its ease of use and user-friendly interface, even for those with no coding experience.

It offers a variety of models, including StyleGAN and BigGAN, that can generate high-quality images based on your specific prompts.


PlanMonthly PriceCreditsAccess
Free Access$050 credits per monthAccess to Runway ML web app
Individual$15150 credits per monthAccess to Runway ML web app and API
Team$45450 credits per monthAccess to Runway ML web app and API, collaboration tools
EnterpriseContact Runway MLUnlimited creditsAccess to Runway ML web app and API, custom features, priority support
Runway ML Pricing

Learn How to Use Runway ML

5. Artbreeder

artbreeder AI

Artbreeder is another unique AI image generator that allows users to blend and create images like genetic crossing, resulting in unique AI-generated artwork.

Artbreeder sets itself apart with its breeding system, which enables the creation of an entirely new image by merging two or more parent images.

Artbreeder sets itself apart with its breeding system

To control the outcome, you can adjust individual genes, represented by different visual attributes like color or shape.

It’s like a communal game of creation where millions of images from users worldwide are available for breeding.


PlanMonthly PriceCreditsAccess
Free$020 credits per monthAccess to Artbreeder web app
Pro$9.99100 credits per monthAccess to Artbreeder web app, priority processing
Unlimited$29.99Unlimited creditsAccess to Artbreeder web app, priority processing, custom features
Artbreeder Pricing

Learn How to Use Artbreeder

6. DeepAI


DeepAI is an AI art generator that transforms photos into artwork based on the styles of famous painters or unique patterns.

It’s a fantastic tool for transforming ordinary images into extraordinary art pieces.

DeepAI’s unique selling proposition lies in its focus on style transfer. You upload a style image (a painting, pattern, or any picture) and a target image.

The AI then applies the style of the first image onto the second, producing an artwork that reflects the style image’s aesthetics while preserving the target image’s structure.


FeatureFreePay as you goDeepAI PRO
AI Generator Calls100Starting at $5 for 100500
AI Chat messages3501750
Genius Mode messages60
HD image generator accessYes
Private image generationYes
Complete styles libraryYes
API accessYes
Ad-free experienceYes
PriceStarting at $5$4.99/mo
DeepAI Pricing

Learn How to Use DeepAI

7. Fotor


Fotor is a powerful online photo editing and graphic design tool. While not a specific AI art generator, it boasts many advanced editing features, enabling users to transform ordinary photos into stunning visual content.

Fotor distinguishes itself with an impressive range of features.

These include essential editing tools like cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation to more advanced options such as photo effects, HDR, and beauty retouching.

ai image generator styles fotor

One unique feature is its design module, where users can create graphic design content like posters, banners, and social media posts using professionally designed templates.

For more advanced features like ad-free editing, exclusive resources, massive storage, and priority support, Fotor offers a Pro version.


Basic Editing FeaturesYesYesYes
Basic Design FeaturesYesYesYes
Basic Collage Layouts & FeaturesYesYesYes
Advanced Editing FeaturesNoYesYes
Batch EditingNoYesYes
AI Photo EnhancerNoYesYes
AI Background RemoverNoYesYes
AI Object RemoverNoNoYes
Monthly PriceFree$3.33$7.49
Annual Price$59.99$39.99$89.99
Fotor Pricing

Learn How to Use Fotor

And that’s it; try any AI art or image generator from the above list and make awesome AI-generated images (art) in seconds.

8. Craiyon


Craiyon, previously known as DALL-E Mini, stands out as a lightweight alternative for DALL-E. It’s particularly appealing for those who are more into marketing, graphic design, and the arts, offering a straightforward platform for experimenting with AI-driven creativity.

Despite its less-than-photorealistic output, Craiyon shines in user-friendliness. Its interface is intuitive, making the generation of nine-image sets from simple text inputs a breeze.

For those who wish to exclude specific elements, like buildings, Craiyon accommodates with ‘negative prompt parameters too like other advanced image generators.

The pricing model of Craiyon is subscription-based, starting at an affordable $5 per month, scaling up to $20 for more advanced features. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from hobbyists to professionals.

However, it’s worth noting that the free plan includes watermarked images and advertisements, and the quality of the images may not always match that of more sophisticated tools. Additionally, iOS users might feel left out, as the app is currently only available on Android.


Supporter$5 per monthGenerate images without watermarks, higher priority processing
Professional$20 per monthGenerate images even faster, access to new features
EnterpriseCustom pricingDesigned for businesses, custom features
Craiyon Pricing

Learn How to Use Craiyon:

9. Midjourney


Midjourney is an AI image generator that produces high-quality images with realistic textures and colors. The images of people and objects generated by Midjourney look very natural and lifelike.

Its latest version can even render hands and figures accurately. Midjourney was the first AI art generator to win an art competition, demonstrating its advanced image-generation capabilities.

To use Midjourney, you need to join its Discord server. Once there, you can enter text prompts, and Midjourney’s bot will generate four variations for you to download.

A cool feature is that all images are posted publicly by default, creating a nice community aspect. However, this could be an issue if you want to use Midjourney commercially.

The platform provides great documentation to guide new users. Once you learn all the advanced features for controlling image generation, the results Midjourney can produce are mindblowing. You can upscale images, blend multiple prompts, and adjust parameters to customize the AI art.

Occasional free trials give you a taste of Midjourney’s potential. But normally, you need to purchase a subscription plan, starting at $10 per month. This provides around 200 images. You can also buy extra GPU time to generate more images. Importantly, Midjourney grants full commercial rights to use the AI art you create.


PlanMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFast GPU Time per MonthRelax GPU Time
Basic$10$963.3 hoursUnlimited
Standard$30$28815 hoursUnlimited
Midjourney Pricing Table

Learn How to Use Midjourney

10. Adobe Photoshop (Firefly)

Adobe firefly

The industry standard Photoshop image editor now has AI capabilities through Adobe’s new Firefly system. Though in beta, it hints at the future integration of AI in mainstream creative tools.

Firefly can generate images from text prompts, with mixed success. While it beats Dall-E and Stable Diffusion sometimes, other results are more questionable.

But Firefly really shines when adding AI elements to existing images in Photoshop.

The Generative Fill feature is transformative, seamlessly blending AI art into images. It matches depth, blur and color perfectly.

Generative Fill Adobe Firefly

This is not just a gimmick, but a taste of what’s to come. Soon Firefly will be available to millions of Photoshop users for leveraging AI in creative workflows.

Access currently requires a Photoshop subscription. Commercial use is prohibited during the beta, but that opens possibilities down the line.


PlanMonthly PriceGenerative Credits per MonthWatermark on Generated ImagesAccess to Adobe StockAdditional Features
Free$025YesYesAccess to Adobe Firefly web app
100 credits$4.99100NoYesAccess to Adobe Firefly web app
500 credits$19.99500NoYesAccess to Adobe Firefly web app
1,000 credits$39.991,000NoYesAccess to Adobe Firefly web app
Firefly Pricing Table

Learn How to Use Adobe Firefly Image Generator

11. Generative AI by Getty Images

Generative AI by Getty Images

While other AI art generators focus on creativity, Getty Images‘ tool focuses on legal compliance and predictable outputs. It is optimized to generate high quality stock-style photographs with natural fidelity.

Understandably, it does not create images of real people, logos, or famous art styles due to legal risks. But for business usage, Generative AI provides images you can actually use without worrying about rights or ownership.

According to Getty, the model was ethically trained only using images from Getty’s catalog. A program compensates contributing artists.

Pricing: Getty Images does not yet offer public pricing information for their Generative AI tool.

12. Jasper Art

jasper art

Jasper Art is tailored for those seeking to create artistic landscapes, portraits, and abstract digital art. Its ability to influence style, texture, and atmospheric conditions allows for a high degree of creative freedom.

The platform operates on a freemium model, with pricing for active team members starting at $20/month, in addition to the Jasper subscription fee.

While it excels in scenic and landscape art, it may not be the best fit for professional business graphics, and higher-quality images are tied to its paid tiers.


PlanMonthly PriceUsage Credits
Basic$2525 credits
Standard$50100 credits
Premium$100250 credits
Enterprise$500Unlimited credits
Jasper Art Pricing Table

Learn How to Use Jasper Art

13. DreamStudio


DreamStudio, powered by Stable Diffusion, is notable for its flexibility and affordability. It stands out for its extensive customization options and the ability to locally run and fine-tune the model.

The platform offers a generous amount of control over image generation, with numerous sliders and options to tailor the output. Its open-source nature also means potential for building personalized AI services.

Starting with 25 free credits, pricing for additional credits is quite reasonable, beginning at $10 for 1,000 credits. For those interested in delving deep into AI image generation, DreamStudio presents a robust and versatile option.


Plan NameCreditsCost
Free Tier25 free credits$0 (Free)
Starter1,000 credits$10
Basic5,000 credits$45
Standard10,000 credits$80
Pro25,000 credits$180
DreamStudio Pricing

14. DeepFloyd IF

deepfloyd if

DeepFloyd IF excels where many AI image generators falter – in generating text within images. This makes it a valuable tool for meme creators and those needing specific textual content in their visuals.

However, it’s good point to note that DeepFloyd is far more accurate and relaistic while creating AI images as you can see the comparison below:

Comparison between floyd and other image generating models

While sometimes inconsistent, its ability to integrate text into various contexts like signs or fabrics is impressive.


Pricing of DeepFloyd is not clear.

Top AI Image Generators at a Glance

No.AI Image GeneratorPricing Highlights
1DALL·EIndividual: $15/month, Pro: $45/month
2Bing Image CreatorFree, based on Microsoft rewards
3NightCafePlans range from Free to $299.99
4Runway MLFree access, Paid plans start at $15/month
5ArtbreederFree access, Pro plans start at $9.99/month
6DeepAIFree basic, Pro at $4.99/month
7FotorBasic: Free, Pro plans start at $3.33/month
8CraiyonSupporter: $5/month, Professional: $20/month
9MidjourneyBasic: $10/month, Standard: $30/month
10Adobe Photoshop (Firefly)Free tier, Paid credits start at $4.99
11Generative AI by GettyContact Getty for pricing
12Jasper ArtPlans start at $25/month
13DreamStudioFree tier, Paid credits start at $10
14DeepFloyd IFPricing not clear

FAQ: Best AI Image Generators

Are AI Image Generators Free to Use?

Most AI Image Generators operate on a freemium model, providing a basic set of features for free and offering more advanced features and capabilities for a fee. Some, like Bing’s Image Creator, are entirely free to use. Others, like DALL·E 2 and NightCafe, offer a certain number of free monthly credits, with the option to purchase additional credits.

Can I Use the Images Created by These AI Image Generators for Commercial Purposes?

The commercial use policy varies across different AI Image Generators. Some, like Midjourney, grant commercial usage rights under their paid plans. However, it is essential to check the terms of use of each tool before using the generated images for commercial purposes.

The End

After choosing the best AI image generator from the above list, it’s time to try and test these prompts to create and experiment with AI-generated artwork:


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