1. jim magarey says:

    how to get A4, B2, portrait size, landscape size… only square images seem to be on bing image creator..regards Jim

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      We don’t think Bing has come up with so many customizations in their image processing. You can create square images for now.

  2. I have been trying to gen a large room in bioshock2 style with a large window with view on a DARK!!! underwater deep sea landscape. After more than a week and hundreds of variations in the prompt to get this I’m getting somewhat frustrated. How do you make the view through the windows dark!?

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      We think this prompt will work for you: Prompt/ An environmental concept art of bioshock, interior, highly detailed, large windows look out onto an underwater city, wet, environmental light, cinematic by Francis tneh

  3. Thx, but already tried many of these variations without any success. The outside view through the windows is always very bright, while it should be devoid of all sunlight. Absolutely nothing seems to help, the AI just can’t do it.

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      Thanks Zonetuto

  4. Martin Hjalmers says:

    Some tips from me, try these.

    Kawaii, ………..
    Chibi, …………..

    ……., Anime Style
    ……., Manga Style

    ……., DOF behind in background, …….

    Regards Martin

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      Thank you so much Martin. It will surely help this community.

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