100 AI Image Prompts for Bing’s Image Creator

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Looking for the best AI image prompts for Bing Image Creator?

Bing’s Image Creator also known as Image Creator for Microsoft Designer, powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E, is an innovative tool that generates AI images based on text prompts.

In this post, we’ll explore what Bing’s Image Creator is, how to use it, its launch details, and tips for writing better prompts.

Also, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of the best AI prompts to inspire your creativity on Bing.

Bing’s Image Creator: An Overview

Launched by Microsoft, Bing’s Image Creator is a powerful tool that enables users to generate AI images using text prompts.

By entering a descriptive text input, the AI will produce images that match the given description.

To get started, visit bing.com/create, where you can either sign up for a new Microsoft account or log into your existing one.

Prompts for Microsoft Bing's Image Generator

New users will receive 25 boosted generations for Image Creator.

microsoft reward point

Writing Better Prompts for Image Generation

To generate amazing images with Bing’s Image Creator, it’s essential to provide detailed and creative prompts.

Bing suggests using a combination of adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles to create more effective prompts.

craft better prompts

Here’s a template to help you craft better prompts:

bing image creator prompt guide
Adjective (Fuzzy) + Noun (creature) + Verb(wearing glasses) + Style (digital art)
  1. Adjective (e.g., Fuzzy)
  2. Noun (e.g., creature)
  3. Verb (e.g., wearing glasses)
  4. Style (e.g., digital art)

The more specific and imaginative your prompts are, the better the AI-generated images will align with your vision. Remember, that while writing you cannot provide aspect ratios to Bing Image Creator as it always generates in a 1:1 or 3:4 ratio.

Alternatively, you can use ChatGPT 4’s DALL-E 3 if you want to write text on images or give aspect ratios to images.

You can check this guide for more information on how to write better image generation prompts.

Best AI Image Prompts You Can Use On Bing’s Image Creator

Write your prompts in the prompt writing bar, and then select Create.

You will be given four images based on your prompt, and don’t worry if you’re out of boosts. You can still create images, but it will generate them a little bit slower.

Also, try “Surprise me” if you don’t know what prompts you want to use on Bing’s image creator.

bing image creator prompt
Prompt Interface on Bing Image Creator
  1. Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art
  2. Ancient, Egyptian temple, adorned with hieroglyphs, photorealistic
  3. Friendly, robot, serving coffee, 3D render
  4. Surreal, underwater garden, filled with glowing plants, digital painting
  5. Steampunk, airship, soaring above forest, CGI
  6. Haunted, Victorian mansion, shrouded in fog, gothic art
  7. Abstract, geometric pattern, illuminated in neon colors, vector design
  8. Cyberpunk, city street, bustling with neon signs, matte painting
  9. Majestic, mountain range, basking in sunrise, landscape photography
Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art
Prompt: Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art / Created in Bing Image Creator
  1. Minimalist, black and white, architectural design, 3D render
  2. Vibrant, tropical beach, dotted with palm trees, watercolor painting
  3. Enchanted, forest, teeming with magical creatures, fantasy art
  4. Solar system, planets, orbiting in alignment, educational illustration
  5. Retro, diner, surrounded by vintage cars, 1950s Americana
  6. Serene, Japanese Zen garden, featuring a koi pond, ink drawing
  7. Realistic, portrait, depicting a historical figure, oil painting
  8. Whimsical, hot air balloon festival, floating above landscape, digital art
  9. Colorful, graffiti, adorning urban street, street photography
  10. Post-apocalyptic, wasteland, strewn with abandoned vehicles, concept art
  11. Art Deco-inspired, interior design, showcasing elegance, 3D visualization
  12. Satirical, political cartoon, highlighting current events, hand-drawn illustration
  13. Dreamy, galaxy, swirling with stars, space art
  14. Modern, geometric, animal design, vector illustration
  15. Snowy, mountain village, nestled near cozy cabin, holiday card
  16. Energetic, sports action scene, capturing motion, dynamic painting
  17. Gothic, cathedral, bathed in moonlight, detailed sketch
  18. Psychedelic, spiral pattern, pulsating with color, digital art
  19. Whimsical, fairytale castle, perched on a hill, watercolor illustration
  20. Rustic, wooden cabin, enveloped by autumn foliage, oil painting
Psychedelic, spiral pattern, pulsating with color, digital art
Prompt: Psychedelic, spiral pattern, pulsating with color, digital art
  1. Sleek, futuristic car, zooming down highway, CGI render
  2. Elegant, ballroom dance, frozen in time, digital painting
  3. Vintage, train station, bustling with passengers, sepia-toned photograph
  4. Extravagant, fireworks display, illuminating night sky, long-exposure photography
  5. Detailed, world map, highlighting topography, educational illustration
  6. Serene, butterfly garden, filled with colorful blooms, nature photography
  7. Elaborate, steampunk clockwork, showcasing intricate gears, 3D render
  8. Whimsical, woodland creatures, engaged in tea party, children’s book illustration
  9. Atmospheric, jazz club, alive with music, noir-style painting
  10. Action-packed, superhero battle, set in cityscape, comic book style
  11. Ornate, stained glass window, depicting religious scene, vector design
  12. Tranquil, mountain lake, reflecting surrounding peaks, landscape painting
  13. Mythical, dragon, perched atop treasure hoard, fantasy art
  14. Futuristic, space station, orbiting distant planet, concept art
  15. Majestic, medieval knight, riding into battle, photorealistic painting
  16. Intricate, mandala pattern, incorporating floral elements, digital art
bing image creator prompt example
Sample image by using the above prompt
  1. Realistic, wildlife scene, showcasing a lion pride, nature photography
  2. Vintage, film noir poster, featuring femme fatale, graphic design
  3. Nostalgic, 1980s arcade, filled with neon lights, digital painting
  4. Tranquil, desert landscape, featuring blooming cacti, watercolor illustration
  5. Majestic, eagle, soaring through a mountainous landscape, oil painting
  6. Modern, abstract sculpture, casting dramatic shadows, 3D render
  7. Playful, underwater scene, filled with marine life, children’s book illustration
Playful, underwater scene, filled with marine life, children's book illustration
Promp: Playful, underwater scene, filled with marine life, children’s book illustration
  1. Mystical, celestial map, charting constellations, antique-style engraving
  2. Dramatic, stormy seascape, with a lighthouse in the distance, acrylic painting
  3. Atmospheric, abandoned factory, overtaken by nature, urban exploration photography
  4. Vibrant, New Orleans street, filled with musicians, digital art
  5. Intense, gladiator duel, set in ancient Rome, historical painting
  6. Tranquil, aerial view, showcasing a winding river, landscape photography
  7. Futuristic, cyborg, pondering its existence, concept art
  8. Dazzling, northern lights, dancing across the night sky, long-exposure photograph
  9. Quaint, European village, decorated for the holidays, watercolor painting
  10. Action-packed, medieval jousting tournament, detailed illustration
  11. Elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired, floral pattern, vector design
  12. Serene, bamboo forest, shrouded in mist, ink drawing
  13. Vibrant, tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife, nature photography
  14. Surreal, melting clock, inspired by Salvador Dali, digital painting
  15. Charming, English countryside, featuring a thatched cottage, oil painting
  16. Atmospheric, film noir cityscape, shrouded in shadow, digital art
  17. Intricate, Celtic knot pattern, featuring animal motifs, vector design
Bing AI image creator prompt
Prompt: Intricate, Celtic knot pattern, featuring animal motifs, vector design
  1. Lush, botanical garden, filled with exotic plants, landscape painting
  2. Dynamic, martial arts duel, set in a temple, action illustration
  3. Futuristic, Mars colony, showcasing human settlement, concept art
  4. Whimsical, mermaid lagoon, filled with colorful coral, digital painting
  5. Atmospheric, pirate ship, sailing under a full moon, acrylic painting
  6. Serene, water lily pond, inspired by Monet, impressionist art
  7. Dynamic, space battle, featuring futuristic spacecraft, CGI render
  8. Stylized, geometric cityscape, reflecting in water, vector illustration
  9. Eerie, haunted forest, shrouded in fog, gothic art
  10. Realistic, anatomical illustration, showcasing the human heart, medical drawing
image ai
Prompt: "A horse frolicing in a field of flowers, style of laurie greasley, studio ghibli, akira toriyama, james gilleard, genshin impact, trending pixiv fanbox"

Surreal Bing Image Creator Prompts

  1. Lush, terraced rice fields, glowing at sunset, landscape photography
Lush, terraced rice fields, glowing at sunset, landscape photography
Prompt: Lush, terraced rice fields, glowing at sunset, landscape photography
  1. Dramatic, volcanic eruption, showcasing lava flows, nature painting
  2. Whimsical, treehouse village, nestled in a magical forest, fantasy art
  3. Minimalist, black and white, ink-wash landscape, inspired by traditional Chinese art
  4. Atmospheric, film noir detective, investigating a crime scene, digital painting
  5. Dynamic, breakdancing competition, capturing motion, urban art
  6. Surreal, floating city, set against a starry sky, concept art
  7. Elegant, ballet performance, frozen in a graceful pose, photorealistic painting
  8. Intricate, macrame wall hanging, showcasing knotwork patterns, textile art
  9. Vibrant, street market, bustling with activity, travel photography
  10. Steampunk, mechanical dragon, soaring through the sky, 3D render
  11. Serene, Monet-inspired water lily pond, reflecting the sky, impressionist painting
  12. Majestic, phoenix, rising from the ashes, fantasy art
  13. Action-packed, car chase, set in a futuristic city, CGI render
  14. Stylized, tribal pattern, incorporating animal motifs, vector design
  15. Vintage, World War II-era aircraft, soaring through the clouds, historical illustration
  16. Modern, cubist-inspired, portrait of a famous musician, digital painting
  17. Eerie, ghostly apparition, haunting an old mansion, gothic art
  18. Serene, mountainous landscape, featuring a crystal-clear lake, oil painting
  19. Surreal, M.C. Escher-inspired, impossible staircase, digital art
  20. Atmospheric, abandoned asylum, overtaken by shadows, urban exploration photography
  21. Realistic, tiger, stalking its prey, wildlife painting
  22. Elaborate, Persian rug pattern, showcasing intricate designs, textile art
  23. Dynamic, soccer match, capturing a decisive goal, sports illustration
  24. Tranquil, lavender field, bathed in sunlight, landscape photography
  25. Elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired, female portrait, digital painting
  26. Whimsical, candy land, filled with sugary treats, children’s book illustration
  27. Dynamic, motorcycle race, set on a winding track, CGI render

The End!

With these 120 prompts, you have a plethora of inspiration to generate fantastic images using Bing’s Image Creator.

Mix and match adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles to create your own unique prompts and unleash the full potential of AI-powered image generation.

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  • how to get A4, B2, portrait size, landscape size… only square images seem to be on bing image creator..regards Jim

  • how to get A4, B2, portrait size, landscape size… only square images seem to be on bing image creator..regards Jim

  • I have been trying to gen a large room in bioshock2 style with a large window with view on a DARK!!! underwater deep sea landscape. After more than a week and hundreds of variations in the prompt to get this I’m getting somewhat frustrated. How do you make the view through the windows dark!?

    • We think this prompt will work for you: Prompt/ An environmental concept art of bioshock, interior, highly detailed, large windows look out onto an underwater city, wet, environmental light, cinematic by Francis tneh

  • Thx, but already tried many of these variations without any success. The outside view through the windows is always very bright, while it should be devoid of all sunlight. Absolutely nothing seems to help, the AI just can’t do it.

  • Some tips from me, try these.

    Kawaii, ………..
    Chibi, …………..

    ……., Anime Style
    ……., Manga Style

    ……., DOF behind in background, …….

    Regards Martin

  • Hi my friend! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and come with approximately all vital infos.
    I’d like to see more posts like this .

  • Gracias por tu fantástico trabajo. No consigo que me genere retratos completos, se corta la imagen sin terminar la cabeza o no sale la barbilla hasta el final. En los dibujos de animales me sucede lo mismo; en los gatos, por ejemplo me parte las orejas. ¿Qué debo hacer?

  • It can’t create images with text in them and that too in English it shows text with some prompts but it is never in English or as it is written in prompts

  • Hello,

    I’m about to create a LinkedIn page named “AI & Tech Wise”
    Can someone help with the prompts that I should enter for Bing image generator for me to create the logor?

    Color of the letters are blue, gold and silver.
    Background color is white.
    Theme is modern electronics


    • Interesting, but here’s one problem. Right now, you can only create logo images but without text as many AI image models do not support it. However, there are other tools you can try out.

    • Try this prompt Emman and then adapt it to your needs:

      – 3d typography of the letters “AI & Tech Wise”, on a white background, blue, gold and silver shiny texture, crests, minimal, modern electronics theme

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