SAP Introduces Joule a Business-Driven Generative AI Assistant

Mukund Kapoor
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The new AI copilot Joule is set to reshape business operations by offering smart insights embedded across SAP's cloud solutions.

In Short
  • SAP unveils Joule, a generative AI assistant focused on business.
  • Joule will be embedded across various SAP cloud enterprise applications.
  • SAP emphasizes its commitment to AI with investments and partnerships in the domain.

September 27, 2023: SAP SE, a leading global enterprise software company, has introduced its latest innovation named Joule. This isn’t just any tool; it’s a generative AI assistant designed to deeply understand business language and processes.

Joule will soon be part of SAP’s many cloud enterprise solutions, serving users proactive insights gathered from various SAP tools and even third-party systems.

By rapidly filtering and contextualizing multitudes of data, Joule aims to boost work efficiency and steer better, more informed business decisions, ensuring both security and compliance.

SAP’s history of groundbreaking tech aligns perfectly with Joule’s promise of real-world transformative results.

Christian Klein, SAP SE’s CEO, emphasizes Joule’s potential. He stated, “With almost 300 million enterprise users globally using SAP’s cloud solutions, Joule is poised to change how businesses function and how their workforce operates.”

Klein further highlighted Joule’s strength in understanding intent, “It will know what you mean, not just what you say.”

Joule’s presence will be felt across various SAP applications, from HR to finance, and customer experience. For users, interacting with Joule would feel like consulting a knowledgeable colleague.

For instance, a manufacturer could ask Joule to analyze sales performance.

Joule would then assess underperforming sectors, cross-check with other data sets, highlight supply chain challenges, and even recommend potential solutions while maintaining context.

This AI-driven tool will also contribute to HR by assisting in creating unbiased job descriptions and suggesting relevant interview questions.

Phil Carter of IDC pointed out the real challenge as the initial excitement around generative AI fades, “SAP is aware that generative AI will become an integral part of our lives and work. They’re focusing on creating a business assistant that offers real-world solutions responsibly.”

By the end of this year, Joule will be integrated into SAP SuccessFactors solutions and the SAP Start site.

Early next year, it will be part of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Further integrations and updates are expected to be revealed in a series of upcoming SAP events.

Adding to SAP’s growing AI portfolio, over 26,000 SAP cloud customers currently have access to SAP Business AI. SAP is also expanding its AI horizons with investments in firms like Aleph Alpha, Anthropic, and Cohere, and partnerships with giants like Microsoft, Google Cloud, and IBM.

Furthermore, backed by SAP, Sapphire Ventures LLC plans to allocate over US$1 billion to fund startups focused on AI-driven enterprise tech.



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