OpenAI Adds Voice and Image Search to ChatGPT

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OpenAI enhances ChatGPT's capabilities by adding voice conversations and image search. Plus and Enterprise users to get these features soon.

In Short
  • OpenAI announced voice and image search features for ChatGPT.
  • New voice feature developed in collaboration with voice actors, using Whisper for speech-to-text.
  • Voice and image search will be available first to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

September 26, 2023: OpenAI is making its popular ChatGPT tool even better. They said today that ChatGPT will soon talk and understand pictures. This comes after the tool became famous for helping people write essays and poems with just text prompts.

Now, you can have a real talk with ChatGPT and even ask it to find stuff using a photo.

Here’s the first look of the upgraded ChatGPT / Credits: OpenAI

This news came out on the same day as another big announcement. Amazon said it will put up to $4 billion into a company called Anthropic, which is a rival to OpenAI.

Big tech companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft are also trying to make their own smart chat tools. They all want to be the best in this growing tech area.

ChatGPT is not just for text anymore. Soon, you can ask it to tell you a bedtime story using your voice. Or you can just ask it something and it will talk back. You can also use it to find answers by uploading a picture. For example, you can show it a photo of a plant and ask, “What is this?”

OpenAI has worked hard to make ChatGPT’s new voice sound real. They used a special model to turn text into speech that sounds like a human.

They also worked with voice actors to make five different voices. For turning speech into text, they used their own tool called Whisper.

Spotify, the music app, will also use ChatGPT’s new voice feature. It will help podcasters translate their shows into different languages while keeping their own voice.

OpenAI is being very careful with this. They are working only with some podcasters like Dax Shepard and Monica Padman for now.

OpenAI said in a blog post that this new tech can be good and bad. It can be used for many creative things but also can be risky. Wrong people might use it to pretend to be someone else.

These new features will be available to people who pay for ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise.

To use the new voice feature, they have to go to the app’s settings. From there, they have to tap on ‘new features’ and then choose to turn on voice conversations.

At first, only the ChatGPT apps on Android and iOS will have these new features.

Everyone will be able to use image search soon.



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