40+ Best Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney

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Are you looking to create unique and beautiful coloring book pages with Midjourney but are unsure about the right prompts?

This guide will share tried-and-tested AI image prompts for creating coloring book pages in Midjourney.

The prompts cover a variety of themes like animals, people, nature scenes, and more. All the prompts are specifically formatted to generate clean line art images perfect for coloring.

Let’s get started!

Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney

Midjourney Coloring Book Prompts (Advanced)

Dive into the delightful world of coloring book creation with “Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney: Kids and Adults Edition.” Perfect for personal projects, commercial use, or simply exploring your artistic side.

Great Choice

Best Midjourney Prompts for Coloring Book Pages

There are a lot of posts and YouTube videos on creating coloring book pages.

Still, we didn’t find any good tried and tested prompts with a lot of parameters in them to generate coloring pages that you can fill in color into or try to sell them by compiling them into a coloring book.

However, we have tried our best to write the prompts that will work for sure.

Follow these prompts below to generate beautiful digital line art instantly you can then compile it into your coloring book for your kids or yourself:

Coloring Pages Prompts for Midjourney AI

1. Detailed forest animals, kids coloring book style, very prominent thick outlines like kids coloring book, detailed line art, animal activities, woodland setting, –no shading, color, sketch, –v5.2

coloring book prompts
Image generated using Midjourney

Another pro tip that will help you if you’re a beginner using Midjourney, there’s no way to generate only one image at a time in Midjourney, so you’ll be provided with 4 images like the above.

Say you love an image on the top left. Click U1 from the panel below, and you will get the highest-quality version of that same image.

Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney

Pro Tip #1

Some important parameters that you must add into your prompts:

  • –ar: –ar 2:3 or –ar 3:4
  • –no: –no black background, –no colors, –no sketch
  • –v: Make sure to use the latest version which is v6 in Midjourney. You can also use v5 if you want to.
  • Prompt Parameters: Only use outlines, thick outlines, coloring book, line art, only draw outlines, kids’ coloring book.

2. Safari animals in action, coloring book page, clear thick outlines, savanna background, –no complex patterns, shading, color, sketch, color, –ar 2:3

Coloring book pages generated using Midjourney Prompts
Image generated using Midjourney. Prompt #2.

3. Underwater sea creatures, marine life focus, clear line art, ocean background, –no shading, detailed outlines –ar 3:4

4. Farm animals, barn setting, kids coloring book style, thick outlines, –no shading, color, sketch –ar 2:3

Animals coloring book page prompt
Image generated using Midjourney. Prompt #5.

5. Christmas tree with presents, kids’ coloring book page, clear thick outlines, festive background, –no shading, color, sketch, –ar 3:4

6. Gingerbread house scene, kids’ coloring book, fine line art, candy decorations, thick outlines, –no shading, color, –ar 2:3

7. Garden vegetables variety, coloring book page, clear outlines, garden background, kids coloring book, thick lines, –no color, shading, –ar 3:4

8. Tomatoes on the vine, kids’ coloring book page, crisp outlines, greenhouse background, thick lines, –no shading, color, –ar 3:4

Coloring book page Midjourney
Image generated using prompt #9 with Midjourney.

9. Floral mandala pattern, coloring book, fine lines, nature-inspired, adult style, thick outlines, –no sketch, color, –ar 3:4

10. Abstract mandala art, coloring book, distinct thick lines, symmetrical design, adult style, –no shading, sketch, –ar 3:4

11. Jungle animals in their habitat, kids coloring book page, clear thick outlines, rainforest background, –no color, shading, –ar 3:4

13. Aquatic animals underwater, coloring book page, crisp outlines, ocean background, kids coloring book, thick lines, –no color, complex patterns, –ar 2:3

14. Farm animals and barn, coloring book, detailed line art, countryside background, kids’ style, –no sketch, color, –ar 2:3 –v 6

15. Birds in a tree, kids’ coloring book, fine line art, woodland background, thick outlines, –no shading, color, –ar 3:4

16. Cityscape for adults, coloring book page, detailed outlines, urban background, fine lines, –no color, shading, –ar 3:4

17. Fish in water, coloring book page, very clear thick outline drawing, savanna background, –no complex patterns, color –ar 2:3

Pro Tip

Another pro tip: Say you want a coloring book page inspired by your favorite image or coloring book page. To do this, upload your reference image on Midjourney, copy the image link, and write a prompt like this:

/imagine [your URL] fish in water, coloring book page, very clear thick outline drawing, savanna background, --no complex patterns, color --ar 2:3 --v 6

Using reference image for coloring book pages

18. “An enchanted forest scene with mystical creatures, thick outlines, whimsical trees, and magical flora for kids’ coloring book, –ar 3:4, –v 5.2.”

kids' coloring book prompt for Midjourney

19. “Coloring book page of underwater adventure, detailed sea animals, coral reefs, playful dolphins, thick lines, –ar 3:4 –v 5.2.”

20. “A bustling cityscape at night, coloring book style, with skyscrapers, stars, and moon, thick outlines for easy coloring, –v 5.2.”

21. “Create a space-themed coloring page, featuring rockets, planets, and astronauts, bold lines, suitable for young children, –ar 2:3.”

22. “Illustrate a fairy garden coloring book page, with fairies, flowers, and butterflies, in detailed line art, –v 5.2.”

23. “Design a coloring book page of a medieval castle with knights and dragons, bold outlines, fantasy theme, –ar 3:4.”

24. “Craft a coloring page of a tropical beach scene, with palm trees, sun, sand, and waves, in clear thick lines, –v 5.2.”

25. “Coloring book page of a classic car show, featuring vintage cars, detailed line art, retro style, thick outlines, –ar 2:3.”

26. “Produce a farm life scene coloring page, with barns, animals, and farmers, simple lines for kids, –v 5.2.”

farm life scene coloring page in Midjourney

27. “Draw a street food market coloring book scene, with food stalls, people, and diverse cuisines, detailed artwork, –ar 3:4.”

28. “Create a winter wonderland coloring page, featuring snowmen, ice skating, and snowflakes, bold and clear lines, –v 5.2.”

29. “Illustrate a jungle safari adventure for coloring, with wild animals, trees, and explorers, thick lines, –ar 2:3.”

30. “Design a coloring page of mythical unicorns in a magical land, with rainbows and clouds, whimsical lines, –v 5.2.”

31. “Craft a pirate ship adventure coloring book page, with treasure chests, pirates, and parrots, bold outlines, –ar 3:4.”

32. “Coloring book scene of a bustling railway station, with trains, passengers, and platforms, detailed lines for kids, –v 5.2.”

33. “Draw a garden full of various flowers and insects coloring page, with butterflies and bees, in clear, thick lines, –ar 2:3.”

coloring book prompts in midjourney

34. “Create an outer space exploration coloring book page, featuring aliens, UFOs, and stars, bold lines, –v 5.2.”

35. “Illustrate a mountain hiking adventure coloring page, with hikers, trails, and wildlife, detailed and thick outlines, –ar 3:4.”

36. “Design a fantasy mermaid underwater kingdom coloring page, with coral, fish, and treasure, whimsical lines, –v 5.2.”

37. “Create a historical dinosaurs and prehistoric landscapes coloring book page, with detailed illustrations, very thick lines, bold lines, prominent coloring book patterns –ar 2:3.”

Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney

38. “Coloring book page of a bustling airport scene, with airplanes, travelers, and luggage, clear thick lines, –v 5.2.”

39. “Draw a sports-themed coloring page, featuring various sports activities and equipment, bold outlines for kids, –ar 3:4.”

40. “Create a majestic castles and princesses coloring book page, with gardens and royal pets, detailed lines, –v 5.2.”

41. “Illustrate an African safari scene coloring page, with lions, elephants, and giraffes, in thick lines, –ar 2:3.”

42. “Design a coloring book page of a bustling city park, with people, dogs, and playgrounds, clear, simple lines, –v 5.2.”

Bonus: Sample Coloring Book Page Images with Prompts

Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney
falcon, style of coloring book, vector lines, black and white, bold thick outlines
Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney
a coloring book for kids, An Akita getting groomed, studio ghibli style, black and white, thick lines, low detail, no shading
Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney
clean coloring book page of a Japanese temple, black and whitE
Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney
clean simple line art of a cute beautiful exotic birds in their habitat. minimalistic patterns. no background. well composed, clean coloring book page. coloring book line art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, highly detailed, 8k clear and sharp quality
symmetrical mandala coloring page
symmetrical mandala intricate, coloring page –q 2 –s 750 –upbeta (Stable Diffusion)

And that’s it; these were all the prompts and inspirational images you can use to generate coloring book pages that look like coloring pages.

Try experimenting with the parameters in each prompt provided and start generating the best AI artwork using your favorite AI image generator.

Do not forget to comment below your favorite coloring book prompts for others to use and play with.


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