Easiest Way to Enable Midjourney V5 (Tutorial)

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Midjourney’s newest AI version, V5, is creating quite the buzz with its ability to produce stunning, hyper-realistic images from simple text prompts.

If you already have access to Midjourney Pro and want to try out this upgraded version, enabling V5 is super simple.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the quick steps to enable Midjourney V5. We’ll also showcase some comparisons between other Midjournety models and V5 so you can see the noticeable improvements in image quality, detail, and precision.

Steps to Enable V5 in Midjourney

Just follow these simple steps without skipping any of them if you want to enable V5 in Midjourney:

Step 1: Open Midjourney on Discord

To begin, within your Discord make sure you have entered the Midjourney server.

You can confirm this by checking the upper left corner – when inside the Midjourney server, you will see Midjourney listed there.

Click Midjourney server from left discord menu panel

Next, on the left sidebar showing all channel names, scroll down under the section titled Newcomer Rooms where new Midjourney users start out.

Look closely at each channel name that appears. You are searching for any channel that has the word newbies.

click any newcomer newbies channel

Now, within the newbies’ chat window, scroll down to the very bottom. Here, you will see a text box with a blinking cursor inside.

Click your mouse directly inside this text box.

click the text box

Step 2: Enable V5 in Midjourney

Next, carefully type the following command exactly as written: /settings

Make sure to include the forward slash at the beginning. After typing the /settings command and hitting enter, you should now see an overlay pop-up showing all of your personal Midjourney settings.

setting tab on Midjourney server Discord

Carefully look through the various options listed on this settings overlay. You will see a section labeled Current suffix. This stands for Midjourney Versions – listing which engine version your account is currently running on.

Midjourney Version settings

Scroll this setting, and look closely at each engine version shown. You will see options like Midjourney Model V5.2. Since Version 5.2 is the newest and most advanced, this is the one we want to activate.

To actually turn on Version 5, hover your mouse directly over the version and click it.

Now, your Current suffix will change to --v5.

change current version of Midjourney to V5

Alternatively, you can add v5 parameter to your Midjourney prompts to generate images using the latest Midjourney models.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled V5 in Midjourney and are now ready to create more high-quality images with better upscaling options.

Difference Between The Images Generated with V1, V2, V3, V4 and V5

As Midjourney’s algorithms rapidly advance with each new version, so does the realism, creativity, and overall quality of the AI art you can produce. Upgrading to the latest and greatest Midjourney engine allows you to stay on the cutting edge of artistic innovation.

Across barely a year of development, Midjourney’s capabilities have skyrocketed – transforming from vague shapes and textures in V1 to nearly photorealistic masterpieces by V5.

Let’s analyze the major differences with examples using this prompt (Samurai stands at sunset in japan and looks into the distance, in dynamics, highly detailed, packed with hidden details, style, high dynamic range, hyper realistic, dramatic light, realistic attention to detail, highly detailed, 8k, UHD):

Midjourney V1 (February 2022): This was the beginning. V1’s images are more about conceptual representation than detailed realism.

Image generated using Midjourney V1
Image generated using Midjourney V1

Midjourney V2 (April 2022): With V2 there’s an improvement in form and content. Images began to take a more realistic shape, though they still had a dreamlike, artistic quality.

Image generated using Midjourney V2
Image generated using Midjourney V2

Midjourney V3 (July 2022): With the introduction of V3, better lighting and shadowing techniques made the images more life-like.

Image generated using Midjourney V3
Image generated using Midjourney V3

Midjourney V4 (November 2022): V4 generates the highest quality images among its contemporaries, capable of handling a variety of subjects, from logos to web design.

Image generated using Midjourney V4
Image generated using Midjourney V4

Midjourney V5 (March 2023 and Beyond): V5 continued the trend set by V4 but with enhanced realism. The images are more aesthetic, with improved clarity and precision.

Image generated using Midjourney V5
Image generated using Midjourney V5

Why Use Higher Versions in Midjourney?

As you move from V1 to V5, there’s a noticeable improvement in how detailed and realistic the images are. The textures, lighting, and overall composition become more sophisticated and closer to real-life visuals.

Starting with lower resolutions in V1 to V3 (256 x 256), V5 offers significantly higher resolutions (1024 x 1024). This means sharper, clearer images suitable for professional use.

V5 shows a remarkable improvement in understanding complex prompts. This means that your input words are translated more accurately into the visual elements of the generated image.

While earlier versions had charm and creative potential, V5 allows for a broader range of artistic expressions. It understands and applies artistic style words more effectively, enabling creators to experiment with diverse aesthetic styles.

VersionRelease DateKey FeaturesResolutionImage Quality
V1Feb 2022Basic AI art generation256 x 256Conceptual
V2Apr 2022Upscaling, variations256 x 256Improved realism
V3Jul 2022Better lighting and shadows256 x 256Life-like illustrations
V4Nov 2022Highest quality at the time1024 x 1024High realism
V5Mar 2023Enhanced clarity and precision1024 x 1024Aesthetic and detailed
Comparative Table of Midjourney Versions

And this is it, what are your thoughts on using V5 in Midjourney? Have you created better AI artworks or do you like V4? Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to check more resources like this:


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