35 Best Midjourney Prompts for Album Covers

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Looking for the best Midjourney prompts to create stunning album covers? You’ve landed in the right place.

Creating the perfect album cover is essential in the music industry. It’s not just about the music; the visual representation of your album plays a significant role in capturing attention on a magazine, iTunes, or Spotify.

In this post, we’ll dive into the top Midjourney prompts that will help you design exceptional album covers. We’ll explore a variety of styles, including painted, abstract/experimental, photographic, and minimalistic designs for your next album cover that the world would love.

Let’s begin!

Best Midjourney Prompts for Album Covers

In this post, we have shared the different styles used in album covers and provided a Midjourney prompt to replicate those styles.

By picking a style, you can easily create an album cover for any genre, including rock, rap, pop, metal, EDM, etc.

Here are some of the best Midjourney prompts to create album covers based on style and the genre they’re used in:

Painted (Genres: Folk, Indie, Alternative Rock)

Painted album covers are popular among folk, indie, and alternative rock genres. These covers often feature hand-painted artwork that reflects the emotional depth and storytelling found in the music.

This style adds a personal touch, making each album visually unique and deeply connected to its sound.

Prompt: /imagine 2Pac album cover, skillfully painted portrait, dramatic lighting and contrasting shadows, painted album style, painted cover art, text written in front with graffiti "2Pac", --s 56 --v 6.0 

Here’s the output: ⤵

2. Abstract (Genres: Electronic, Experimental, Avant-Garde)

Abstract album covers for electronic, experimental, and avant-garde genres often feature unconventional and non-representational designs. These covers aim to evoke curiosity and reflect the innovative nature of the music.

They use bold colors, geometric shapes, and digital manipulation to create a unique visual experience.

Prompt: /imagine great piece of album art with a women drinking wine, abstract experimental style album cover, high level of noise and subtle texture, psychedelic cover, shapes and lines, --s 56 --v 6.0

Here’s the output: ⤵

3. Photographic (Genres: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop)

The photographic style in album covers for Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop genres captures moments that resonate with the music’s essence.

It often features artists in dynamic poses or settings that reflect the album’s themes, connecting visually with listeners through realism and reliability.

This style emphasizes the artist’s personality and the music’s mood, making it a powerful tool for storytelling and brand identity.

Prompt: /imagine 1940s, photographic style album cover art, canvas filled with black and white polaroid photos, photographs all over the album art, --s 56 --v 6.0 

Here’s the output: ⤵

4. Minimal Shapes (Genres: Poetic, Modern Classical)

“Minimal Shapes” embodies a serene blend of poetic and modern classical genres.

It features simple yet profound compositions that emphasize clarity and emotional depth.

The album’s style focuses on the essentials, stripping back to the core elements of music to offer a tranquil listening experience.

Prompt: /imagine minimal abstract style album cover, high level of noise and subtle texture, shapes and lines and circles, minimimalistic album art, two piano keys, 20 circles --s 56 --v 6.0

Here’s the output: ⤵

5. Retro/Vintage (Genres: Retro Pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz)

Retro/Vintage album covers capture the essence of the past, featuring designs that reflect the charm of Retro Pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Jazz.

They often use nostalgic elements, colors, and typography to evoke the iconic styles of previous decades.

Prompt: /imagine Mike Tyson album cover, dramatic lighting and contrasting shadows, retro vintage album style, retro cover, text written in front with stylistic "Fight", cityscape in the background, --s 56 --v 6.0 

Here’s the output: ⤵

6. Illustrated (Genres: Cartoon Soundtracks, Children’s Music, Art Rock)

Illustrated album covers, often found in cartoon soundtracks, children’s music, and art rock genres, feature custom-drawn art.

These vibrant and imaginative covers appeal to the music’s visual storytelling aspect.

Prompt: /imagine Beyonce album cover, soft lighting, illustrative album style, comic illustration cover, text written in front in italics "Halo", garden of flowers, --s 56 --v 6.0

Here’s the output: ⤵

Additional Album Prompts for Midjourney

We’ve also included additional prompts for you to explore and experiment with. Feel free to tweak these prompts with your parameters to match your specific artistic vision.

Experimenting with different settings and keywords can lead to surprising and inspiring results, so don’t hesitate to adjust the prompts to better suit your project’s needs.

No.Genre & StyleMidjourney Prompt
1Rock (Photorealistic)/imagine album artwork, man holding a rock guitar sitting on a barrel of gasoline with fire around him
2Rock (Inspirational)/imagine rock album cover, rebel, outcast, wolf, lone wolf, morals
3Rap (Motivational)/imagine rap album cover, turning a dollar to a million, motivational
4Rap (Urban)/imagine rap album artwork, photorealistic, urban city environment, concrete jungle
5Pop (Debut Album)/imagine pop album cover, young female singer showing confidence
6Pop (Creative)/imagine pop album cover artwork, colorful, paintballs, creative
7Metal (Dark Fantasy)/imagine metal music album cover, becoming the ruler of the underworld, illustrated
8Metal (Horrorcore)/imagine metal album cover, mystical forces, communication with the dead
9EDM (Abstract)/imagine cognitive dissonance, abstract, modern artwork, dystopian
10EDM (Acidwave Aesthetics)/imagine album cover, sonic waves flying throughout the boundless universe
11R&B (Romantic)/imagine r&b album cover, young woman on a search for love
12R&B (Breakup)/imagine r&b album cover, main theme of getting over a hard breakup
13Country (Iconic)/imagine country album artwork, old country singer sitting in front of an old diner
14Punk (Rebellious)/imagine punk album cover, homeless individuals defiantly seated at an upscale penthouse restaurant
15Hard Rock (Grunge)/imagine hard rock album cover, grunge, 90s, oily, dark colors
16Electronic (Ethereal)/imagine electronic music album cover, bioluminescent wires intertwine with a futuristic city
17Alternative (Dark Mashup)/imagine awesome album cover, cinematic, dark colors –no words
18Folk (Tranquil)/imagine folk album cover, serene acoustic guitar by a riverside, sunset backdrop
19Jazz (Vintage)/imagine jazz album cover, smokey jazz club scene with a saxophonist in spotlight, vintage feel
20Classical (Elegant)/imagine classical music album cover, grand piano in an ornate concert hall, elegant
21Blues (Soulful)/imagine blues album cover, lonely street musician under a streetlamp, soulful
22Indie (Dreamy)/imagine indie album cover, abstract, ethereal landscapes, dreamy
23Reggae (Vibrant)/imagine reggae album cover, vibrant colors, beach and palm trees, relaxed vibes
24Soul (Intimate)/imagine soul album cover, close-up of an artist in a thoughtful pose, intimate
25Funk (Groovy)/imagine funk album cover, retro dance floor with disco ball, groovy
26World Music (Cultural)/imagine world music album cover, traditional instruments and cultural landmarks
27New Age (Mystical)/imagine new age album cover, mystical landscapes, serene and peaceful
28Heavy Metal (Intense)/imagine heavy metal album cover, fiery phoenix rising, intense
29Disco (Retro)/imagine disco album cover, neon lights, dance

And That’s The End!

We hope these album cover Midjourney prompts help you design and generate beautiful album covers.

Thanks for reading this post so far.

Do not forget to comment on your questions if you have any doubts regarding any prompt.

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