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Recent Data Reveals AI’s Impact on Jobs: More Than Just Layoffs

The rise of artificial intelligence in workplaces has sparked both concerns and opportunities. While AI has replaced certain jobs, it also opens new avenues…

By Mukund Kapoor

Oxford’s New AI Tool EVEscape Predicts Virus Variants Before They Emerge

Researchers claim EVEscape could have predicted Covid-19 mutations and may help in designing future vaccines.

By Mukund Kapoor

Google Tests AI Life Coach for Personal Advice

By Mukund Kapoor, a noted AI enthusiast and contributing author at GreatAiPrompts.Com, specializing in topics related to marketing, artificial intelligence, and innovative AI-driven technologies. August…

By Mukund Kapoor

Microsoft Launches Copilot AI App for iOS Users

Microsoft's Copilot app, now on iOS - your smart assistant for text, images, and more.

By Mukund Kapoor

Elon Musk Set to Debut Exclusive AI Model with xAI

In a groundbreaking step for AI, Elon Musk's xAI is ready to unveil its first model to a handpicked audience, promising unparalleled innovation.

By Mukund Kapoor

Garcetti Thinks India and Us Should Deepen AI Conversation

U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti advocates for enhanced India-U.S. discussions on artificial intelligence regulation, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to mitigate risks.

By Mukund Kapoor
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7 Best AI Tools for Human Resource Professionals

By Mukund Kapoor

Looking for the best AI tools for human resource professionals? Human Resource (HR) professionals always seek ways to enhance workflow and boost efficiency. But have you ever wondered how AI…

OpenAI: “Impossible” To Create A.I. Tools Without Copyrighted Materials

OpenAI, the developer behind the innovative chatbot ChatGPT, has recently stated that access to copyrighted material is essential for creating their AI tools. This statement comes as artificial intelligence firms…

By Samuel Brainard


AI-Generated Deepfakes Becoming Harder to Spot, Warns Secta Labs CEO

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing numerous sectors, but with the boon comes the bane. AI image generators are becoming more sophisticated, making the task…

By Mukund Kapoor

AI Revives James Alexander Gordon Legendary Voice to Read Football Scores

By Mukund Kapoor, a noted AI enthusiast and contributing author at GreatAiPrompts.Com, specializing in topics related to marketing, artificial intelligence, and innovative AI-driven technologies. The…

By Mukund Kapoor

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OpenAI Unveils Voice Engine That Can Copy Human Voices, But Won’t Share It Yet

By Mukund Kapoor

The company has decided to preview but not widely release the technology due to potential misuse concerns

15+ Midjourney Lighting Prompts (With Examples)

By Mukund Kapoor

Lighting is the key to creating stunning, photorealistic artwork that stands out. Using the right Midjourney lighting prompts, you can…

The Complete List of Banned Words In Midjourney (Updated)

By Mukund Kapoor

Using a dataset of text-image pairs, Midjourney AI is an art generator that generates artwork in response to textual prompts.…

GitHub Introduces Code Scanning Autofix, Powered by Copilot and CodeQL

By Mukund Kapoor

New feature helps developers remediate vulnerabilities faster and easier, reducing application security debt

Nvidia Reveals New AI Superchip, Quantum Computing Service, and Humanoid Robotics Tools

By Mukund Kapoor

US chipmaker aims to lead in artificial intelligence and robotics with groundbreaking technologies

Tyler Perry Pauses $800 Million Studio Expansion Due to Open AI’s Sora

By Mukund Kapoor

OpenAI's Sora technology prompts filmmaker to worry about potential job losses in the entertainment industry