Bill Gates Doubts Major Advancements in ChatGPT 5

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

Microsoft Founder Believes Generative AI is at a Plateau

In Short
  • Bill Gates thinks Generative AI like ChatGPT and the upcoming GPT-5 have reached their peak and won't offer major new features.
  • Despite the plateau, Gates believes that AI will become more accurate and affordable, especially benefiting developing nations in areas like healthcare.
  • Gates remains committed to utilizing AI for global challenges, including healthcare and climate change.

October 26, 2023: Bill Gates, the person who started Microsoft, has his own thoughts about Generative AI like ChatGPT.

He thinks we have seen the best of it and it won’t get much better. Generative AI is where computers make things like stories or art. ChatGPT is one kind of this AI. It came out in November 2022 and made people very excited.

Bill Gates talked to a German business paper called Handelsblatt. He said that ChatGPT has reached its best point. Even GPT-5, the new version, might not do much better. But he also said he might be wrong.

Generative AI is a big thing these days. Many companies are putting their money in it. Bill Gates said that while GPT-4 was a big step from GPT-3, GPT-5 may not do much more. But he does think AI will be more correct and cost less money in the next 2-5 years.

He thinks AI will be very good for people in poor countries. For example, phones could give health tips. Bill Gates also talked about how some AI computer chips are very costly.

They can be $30,000 each. But he thinks the cost of using AI is going down.

Bill Gates also said AI can do great things in health and making medicine. He is also excited about how AI can help fight climate change.

He has put his money into almost 100 companies that use AI to make better power systems.

Lastly, Bill Gates said we still have lots to learn about AI. Like, we need to know how it thinks. And we don’t know when or if AI that can do anything a human can, known as AGI, will come.


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