Google Rolls Out Specialized AI Chips and New Enterprise Tools at Next Conference

Mukund Kapoor
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At the Next Conference, Google has launched custom AI chips and enterprise-specific tools aimed at enhancing AI accessibility for large businesses.

August 30th, 2023: Google has pulled back the curtain on a series of cutting-edge AI advancements at their Next Conference in San Francisco. With an eye on the enterprise sector, the company aims to make artificial intelligence more accessible for large businesses.

In a Reuters interview, Google Cloud Chief Thomas Kurian stated, “Enterprise customers should approach this strategically, moving at a deliberate pace.”

Notable new clients for Google’s cloud software include General Motors and Estee Lauder Companies.

Notable new clients for Google's cloud
Notable new clients for Google’s cloud

These collaborations signal Google’s growing influence in the enterprise software space. The company introduced its custom-built AI chips as part of the lineup, along with tools designed to improve data and image security within corporate environments.

Among these is SynthID, a tool capable of watermarking AI-generated images in a way that remains invisible to the human eye, providing an added layer of security.

The tech giant also debuted a specialized version of its fifth-generation tensor processing unit (TPU), dubbed TPU v5e.

Unlike its more powerful counterpart, which has yet to be launched, the TPU v5e is tailored for training complex AI models and efficiently managing the data they produce.

These chips can be grouped together to form a “supercomputer” for handling even more complex computational challenges.

Additional updates include a new version of the text model PaLM, which allows for the input of more extended texts like legal briefs and books. Google’s cloud service now boasts a collection of 100 AI models, bolstered by the addition of 20 new models.

Partnerships are also in place to provide Google Cloud users access to third-party AI models, such as Meta Platforms’ LLaMa 2 and startup Anthropic’s Claude 2.

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