Meta Releases New AI Tool ‘Code Llama’ to Help Programmers

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

Code Llama is a new tool by Meta to help programmers code better and faster.

Meta has launched a new tool like ChatGPT but for coders called Code Llama.

This tool is built on Llama 2, which is another tool they have. Code Llama can write new code and also fix errors in code that people have already written.

It’s free for everyone to use, whether you’re doing research or running a business.

code llama
This is how Code Llama looks like. Credits:

“Programmers are already using tools like this for many jobs. This will make their work faster so they can do more important things,” Meta said.

They also mentioned that Code Llama works better than other similar tools, but they didn’t say which ones they compared it to.

Code Llama comes in three sizes.

The smallest one can work on just one computer chip and is faster. The biggest one is better at helping with coding but might be a bit slower.

Code llama performance
Code Llama Performance Metrics by Meta

Apart from the main Code Llama, there are two other types: Code Llama-Python and Code Llama-Instruct. Code Llama-Python is best for people who write code in the Python language.

Code Llama-Instruct is good for understanding what people want when they ask it to do something.

Other companies like GitHub and Amazon also have tools to help with coding.

Some people are worried about whether these tools might break the law by copying other people’s code, but that’s still being decided.

Meta hopes Code Llama will help more people and inspire new tools to be made.

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