Snapchat Announces ‘Dreams’ A New AI-Powered Selfie Feature

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 4 Min Read
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Snapchat's 'Dreams' uses generative AI to transform selfies into fantastical images based on various themes. Rolling out first in Australia and New Zealand.

Snapchat has stepped up its game in the world of AI with its latest feature, ‘Dreams.’ This new add-on uses generative AI to turn regular selfies into dream-like pictures. These aren’t your regular filters; ‘Dreams’ creates entire scenes like turning you into a mermaid in the ocean or a royal from the Renaissance era.

In the past, Snapchat was one of the first to bring augmented reality to selfies. Remember the dog filter that would put a tongue out when you opened your mouth? Since then, the app has moved into the AI era.

Earlier this year, Snapchat made waves with its AI chatbot, ‘My AI‘. Now ‘Dreams’ is here to take your selfies to the next level.

Example by Snapchat: What Dreams Does

To get started with ‘Dreams,’ you need to go to the “Memories” section in the app. You’ll find a new tab labeled ‘Dreams.’

After taking selfies from different angles, the AI uses these pictures to generate your dream image based on the theme you pick. “It’s like a new way to express yourself,” said a report by users.

The feature even draws comparisons to Lensa, another app that uses AI for photos.

‘Dreams’ comes with eight themes to start. Want more? You’ll have to go premium. Snapchat offers extra themes for paying users.

Initially, the feature will be out in Australia and New Zealand, but plans are to make it global in the coming weeks.

“The launch of Dreams fits in with our mission of making Snapchat fun and a bit quirky,” said Jack Brody, Snap’s VP of Product. Future updates might even allow users to add friends into their ‘Dreams,’ adding a social aspect to this AI feature.

Using ‘Dreams’ isn’t just about having fun. Snapchat says that content from the ‘Memories’ section gets shared 280 million times daily.

Teaser for Dreams. Video Credits: Snapchat

With the app boasting 397 million daily users, ‘Dreams’ could be the new thing that keeps people glued to Snapchat.

Remember, ‘Dreams’ isn’t for using other people’s photos. That’s against the rules. Also, keep an eye out for sponsored themes from brands like Disney or Pepsi. They might be part of your ‘Dreams’ soon.

With this new feature, Snapchat aims to keep its users engaged and offer them something they might not find elsewhere.

It may be the newest kid on the block in the AI photo app world, but Snapchat’s ‘Dreams’ promises a fantastical journey for your selfies.

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