Almost Half of Teachers Feel Unprepared for AI’s Role in Education, Calls for Support Grow

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
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New report by Oxford University Press stresses urgent need for government and educational leader intervention to prepare teachers for AI-driven future.

In Short
  • Nearly half (49%) of teachers say they are not prepared for AI's impact on education.
  • The report from Oxford University Press urges governments to help schools use AI in a safe and helpful way.
  • OUP CEO Nigel Portwood emphasizes that quick action is needed to get both teachers and students ready for an AI-filled future.

October 22, 2023: A recent report reveals a startling fact: nearly 49% of teachers feel unprepared for the changes that artificial intelligence (AI) will bring to education.

They say they need more help to prepare students for a future filled with AI.

This report comes from Oxford University Press (OUP) and it talks a lot about how the government should help schools use AI in a good way.

Nigel Portwood, the big boss at OUP, said, “Our study shows that teachers and students think AI can do good things for learning. But there are still many questions and possible risks with this new tech.” He’s saying that AI can make learning better but we should be careful.

The report contains information from many teachers in countries like the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Australia, and the UAE.

It tells us that 88% of teachers want to know more about AI, and 54% think students are already using it for school work. But only 38% of teachers worldwide are using AI tools for teaching.

The report warns that if we don’t think carefully about the risks and rules of using AI, the quality of teaching could go down. Students might not learn the important skills they need for the future.

The report also asks for something very important. It wants governments worldwide to talk more about how AI will change education.

Nigel Portwood also said, “Governments and school leaders need to act fast. Teachers and students need the right skills to succeed in a future full of AI.”

So, what’s the big lesson? Schools and governments need to work together fast.

They need to help teachers and students get ready for a world where AI is everywhere.


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By Mukund Kapoor Author
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