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Latest News

Delhi High Court Warns Against Using AI for Making Legal Judgments

Delhi High Court warns that artificial intelligence is not ready to replace human judgment in legal matters.

By Mukund Kapoor

Elon Musk’s X Gathers More User Data for AI Use

Elon Musk's social media platform X, formerly Twitter, plans to collect users' biometric data and work history. The move has sparked discussions on data…

By Mukund Kapoor

A.I. Electricity Use May Soon Match Whole Nations Power Consumption

Rising energy consumption by AI could match an entire country's usage; California introduces new climate disclosure laws.

By Mukund Kapoor

OpenAI Pushes Custom GPT Store Launch to 2024 Amidst Internal Shakeups

Leadership Upheavals and Focus on Quality Improvements

By Mukund Kapoor

SAP Introduces Joule a Business-Driven Generative AI Assistant

The new AI copilot Joule is set to reshape business operations by offering smart insights embedded across SAP's cloud solutions.

By Mukund Kapoor

Elon Musk Says “No One Will Have to Work” Due to AI

In a rare dialogue, tech magnate Elon Musk converses with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on AI's transformative power and the potential to eliminate the…

By Mukund Kapoor

Latest Tools

NightCafe Review & Tutorial: Is It Worth It in 2024?

By Mukund Kapoor

Do you want to know what NightCafe is and whether it's worth it? NightCafe is a very popular AI art generator that lets you generate any type of AI art…

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AI Revives James Alexander Gordon Legendary Voice to Read Football Scores

By Mukund Kapoor, a noted AI enthusiast and contributing author at GreatAiPrompts.Com, specializing in topics related to marketing, artificial intelligence, and innovative AI-driven technologies. The…

By Mukund Kapoor

Microsoft Exposes 38TB of Sensitive Data Due to AI Model Development Error

Microsoft leaks a massive 38 terabytes of sensitive internal information amid concerns over the security of AI technology.

By Mukund Kapoor

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Microsoft Partners with French AI Firm Mistral, Faces EU Scrutiny

By Mukund Kapoor

Strategic partnership aims to diversify AI offerings, attracting European Union's antitrust attention.

Fixed: Character AI Rate Exceeded Error

By Mukund Kapoor

Simple Fixes for Rate Exceeded Error in Character.ai

Google Fixes Gemini AI Image Generator Tool After Criticism

By Mukund Kapoor

Google is updating its AI photo tool, Gemini, to be more accurate after people said it was too "woke."

$100B NVIDIA Competitor Emerges: SoftBank’s Bold AI Ambition

By Mukund Kapoor

SoftBank's shares climb 3.2% on news of a $100 billion AI chip venture

How to Maximize Midjourney Image Resolution (Step-by-Step)

By Mukund Kapoor

Looking to enhance the resolution of your Midjourney images but unsure how to achieve the highest quality? Midjourney's AI-generated images…

OpenAI Reveals Sora AI Video Generator, But How to Use It?

By Mukund Kapoor

Turn your text prompts into realistic one-minute videos instantly.