YouTube’s New Changes on AI-Generated Videos on The Platform

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Balancing Creativity and Safety with Generative AI on YouTube

In Short
  • YouTube introduces new policies for disclosing AI-generated content.
  • Removal options for AI-simulated content involving identifiable individuals.
  • Utilization of AI in enhancing content moderation processes.

November 15, 2023: In a significant move towards responsible AI innovation, YouTube has announced its plans for integrating generative AI technologies while prioritizing community protection.

In a recent update, Jennifer Flannery O’Connor and Emily Moxley, Vice Presidents of Product Management at YouTube, detailed the platform’s approach.

YouTube’s Commitment to Community Guidelines

YouTube emphasizes that all content must adhere to its Community Guidelines regardless of the creation method. The introduction of AI presents new challenges and demands fresh strategies.

The platform is in the early stages of this journey and aims to evolve its methods continually.

Disclosure Requirements and Content Labels

To maintain an informed ecosystem, YouTube will soon require creators to disclose any altered or synthetic content created using AI tools. This is vital for sensitive topics such as elections and public health crises.

AI generated content label on YouTube
“Mock showing label added to the description panel” Credits / YouTube

Non-compliance may lead to content removal or other penalties. Viewers will be informed about synthetic content through new labels in the video player and description panel.

Removal Requests for AI-Generated Content

YouTube will also allow requests for the removal of AI-generated content that simulates identifiable individuals, considering various factors like parody or public interest.

Music partners can request the removal of AI-generated music mimicking an artist’s voice, with decisions based on factors such as news reporting and critique.

Enhancing Content Moderation with AI

YouTube combines human reviewers and AI technologies for effective content moderation.

Generative AI plays a crucial role in identifying new forms of abuse, improving the speed and accuracy of content detection, and reducing harmful content exposure to human reviewers.

Building Responsibility into AI Tools

The platform focuses on developing AI tools responsibly, prioritizing safety over speed.

Efforts include creating guardrails to prevent AI from generating inappropriate content and continuous improvement through user feedback.

Teams like the intelligence desk are dedicated to adversarial testing and threat detection.

The Future of AI on YouTube

YouTube is optimistic about the transformative potential of generative AI in fostering innovation and creativity.

The platform is committed to balancing these benefits with community safety, working closely with creators, artists, and the broader creative industry to shape a future that benefits everyone.


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