Tencent to Launch New AI Chatbot After Beijing’s Green Light

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

Tencent announces it will release an AI chatbot this week, joining other Chinese tech giants like Baidu and SenseTime in the AI chatbot market.

In Short
  • Tencent announces the upcoming release of its new AI chatbot, following a recent Chinese government approval for such technologies.
  • Tencent joins other major Chinese tech companies like Baidu and SenseTime in the growing AI chatbot market.

Tencent, one of China’s biggest internet companies, has a big update. They are going to release a new AI chatbot. This news came out in a social media post they shared. The post even showed how the chatbot can help people.

For example, it helped a user write things to promote their business.

This is big because China’s government just started to say yes to AI chatbots being used by the public. Just last week, other big Chinese tech companies like Baidu and SenseTime also showed off their new AI chatbots.

Tencent’s AI chatbot seems really useful. The demo they showed proves it can help people in their daily work, like making promotional stuff.

And all of this comes after the Chinese government changed its mind about AI chatbots. They are now letting these chatbots out for everyone to use.

So, Tencent is not the first but it’s joining the race. Many people will look at how this chatbot compares to others like Baidu’s Ernie bot.

With more and more chatbots coming out, it’s a busy time for AI in China.

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By Mukund Kapoor Author
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