NVIDIA and Infosys Partner to Train 50K Employees in AI

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Major Deal Marks NVIDIA's Third Big Collaboration in India This Month

In Short
  • NVIDIA partners with Infosys to train 50,000 employees in AI technologies.
  • This collaboration is NVIDIA's third big move in India in a month, after Reliance and Tata.
  • The deal aims to push generative AI solutions into mainstream company use.

September 20, 2023 — NVIDIA, a leading name in Artificial Intelligence (AI), is teaming up with Infosys, an IT giant in India. They have plans to train 50,000 Infosys workers in AI tech.

This is NVIDIA’s third big deal in India in just one month. Before this, they had joined hands with Reliance and Tata.

NVIDIA and Infosys aim to boost how companies work by using generative AI. This means AI that can make new things like designs or solutions.

Infosys will start a special NVIDIA center. Many Infosys workers will learn about NVIDIA’s AI in this center. This learning will get them a special NVIDIA AI certificate.

What’s more, Infosys will use NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise stuff. This includes models, tools, and special computer systems for AI. This will be a part of Infosys’s own AI service called Topaz.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang with Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani
NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang with Infosys co-founder and chairman Nandan Nilekani. / Credits: NVIDIA Newsroom

With Topaz and NVIDIA together, companies can put generative AI into their own work more easily, says Infosys from Bengaluru.

Infosys already uses NVIDIA’s full AI package in their work. This includes both computer hardware and software for companies. This partnership will also make new digital solutions.

These are aimed at special work tasks like 3D design, digital twins, and world simulations. They also have plans to make new things in 5G, cybersecurity, and energy.

Jensen Huang, who is the CEO at NVIDIA, said, “Generative AI is going to make companies work better. NVIDIA and Infosys will work to make sure businesses have what they need to use this AI.”

Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani also spoke. He said, “We are becoming an AI-first company to give better AI services. We are using NVIDIA’s AI tech to train a big part of our team. This will help us and other companies become more AI-focused.”

Earlier in the month, NVIDIA also made deals with other big Indian names. They are helping Reliance with a full AI supercomputer setup. With Tata, NVIDIA is doing many things.

They are helping with AI in design, testing, and even self-driving cars. They will also help Tata Communications with AI setup.


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