AI-Generated Profile Pictures Could Get You a Job But At What Cost?

Mukund Kapoor
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Psychologists warn that such AI enhancements can have mixed effects on self-esteem.

In Short
  • AI-powered apps like Remini are transforming regular selfies into professional-looking photos.
  • The primary aim for many users is to enhance their LinkedIn or job portal profiles.
  • Cost-efficiency is a significant factor driving the AI photo trend, as professional photo sessions can be pricey.

October 12, 2023: For those looking to give their online professional image a boost, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as the go-to solution. While filters and Photoshop once reigned supreme, AI-driven apps now enable users to create polished profile photos that rival those of professional photographers.

This AI-driven trend came to light when a TikTok video showcasing a transformation using the Remini app took the internet by storm.

AI-Generated Profile Pictures Could Get You a Job
AI-generated professional photos. (Remini)

This video, which demonstrated the app’s capability to transform regular selfies into sophisticated LinkedIn-worthy shots, garnered an impressive 52.3 million views.

Remini is just one among a suite of apps, including Try It On AI and AI Suit Up, that use artificial intelligence to produce enhanced images.

Using the Remini app, a user provides eight to ten selfies, preferably with varied angles and good lighting. The app’s AI then analyses the images and crafts several renditions of the user in diverse styles, outfits, and settings.

The final photos boast impeccable lighting, flawless skin, enhanced makeup, and a range of backgrounds. Some users even find that the AI presents a slimmer version of them.

AI-Generated Profile Pictures Could Get You a Job
Credits / Headshots-Inc

However, opinions on the quality of these photos differ. Some believe the images appear genuine and professional, while others feel they are noticeably artificial.

Beyond simple aesthetics or social media fun, this trend has a more serious undertone. Many primarily focus on using these AI-created photos on LinkedIn or other job-related platforms.

Cost is a key factor driving this shift. Professional photo sessions can be expensive, often exceeding £100. In contrast, AI photo apps like Remini offer free trials, allowing users to experiment with their images.

Divya Shishodia, a 24-year-old digital marketer from Australia, believes that while AI-created photos are discernibly synthetic, they offer a cost-effective solution for those who cannot afford professional shoots.

Image of Divya Shishodia as she appears in real life on the left, and a Ai-generated version of her on the right
Image of Divya Shishodia as she appears in real life on the left, and an AI-generated version of her on the right.

Michelle Genobisa, 26, from Aalborg, Denmark, echoes this sentiment, pointing out the steep expenses associated with professional photography.

Yet, not everyone is on board. Molly McCrann, a 25-year-old actor from Australia, expressed skepticism about the AI’s accuracy in depicting real-life appearances. She argues that these generated photos might portray an unrealistic body image.

Delving into the psychological implications of such AI-enhanced images, Consumer psychologist Dr. Paul Marsden explained that these photos can offer positive and negative impacts.

They might enable individuals to project their desired image, potentially boosting their confidence. However, there’s also a risk that these “perfect” images could dent real-life self-esteem.

Recruiters, for their part, don’t seem overly concerned about whether a profile image is AI-enhanced or genuine. Tristan Barthel of Tate Recruitment in London shared that the quality of the profile image doesn’t influence his evaluation; he focuses primarily on applicants’ qualifications.


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