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Microsoft Partners with French AI Firm Mistral, Faces EU Scrutiny

By Mukund Kapoor

Strategic partnership aims to diversify AI offerings, attracting European Union's antitrust attention.

Fixed: Character AI Rate Exceeded Error

By Mukund Kapoor

Simple Fixes for Rate Exceeded Error in Character.ai

Google Fixes Gemini AI Image Generator Tool After Criticism

By Mukund Kapoor

Google is updating its AI photo tool, Gemini, to be more accurate after people said it was too "woke."

$100B NVIDIA Competitor Emerges: SoftBank’s Bold AI Ambition

By Mukund Kapoor

SoftBank's shares climb 3.2% on news of a $100 billion AI chip venture

How to Maximize Midjourney Image Resolution (Step-by-Step)

By Mukund Kapoor

Looking to enhance the resolution of your Midjourney images but unsure how to achieve the highest quality? Midjourney's AI-generated images…

OpenAI Reveals Sora AI Video Generator, But How to Use It?

By Mukund Kapoor

Turn your text prompts into realistic one-minute videos instantly.