Recent Data Reveals AI’s Impact on Jobs: More Than Just Layoffs

Mukund Kapoor
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The rise of artificial intelligence in workplaces has sparked both concerns and opportunities. While AI has replaced certain jobs, it also opens new avenues for human work.

In Short
  • 37% of business leaders report AI replacing workers in 2023, with employees expecting 29% of tasks to be automatable.
  • Despite layoffs, there's a focus on AI augmenting human abilities, leading to more efficient and high-value work.
  • Professionals and leaders are encouraged to continually develop skills and understand AI's potential to stay relevant and competitive.

December 17, 2023: According to a recent report from ResumeBuilder, 37% of business leaders acknowledged that AI replaced workers in their companies in 2023.

Asana’s research further illuminates this trend, revealing that employees believe that AI could automate nearly 29% of their work tasks.

Recent report from ResumeBuilder

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., discussed the potential of AI at a recent AI summit in London. His view is that AI might eventually lead to a future where no job is necessary. However, this perspective is not universally accepted.

Julia Toothacre of ResumeBuilder cautions against a narrow view of the data. She notes that many traditional and small businesses have yet to fully embrace AI technology, suggesting a varied impact across different sectors.

Alex Hood from Asana highlights that AI could reduce time spent on ancillary tasks at work, enhancing overall efficiency. He argues that the fear of AI-induced layoffs may be overstated and that AI could elevate human roles in the work process.

Marc Cenedella, founder of Leet Resumes and Ladders, echoes this sentiment. He compares the current shift to historical changes, like replacing typists with word processors, indicating that AI could lead to more high-value work for humans.

Asana’s State of AI at Work 2023 report promotes the concept of “human-centered AI,” aimed at augmenting human abilities rather than replacing them. The report suggests that understanding and leveraging this aspect of AI can positively impact work.

However, the global digital divide remains a concern. With a significant portion of the world’s population still lacking internet access, the implications of AI in work restructuring are unevenly distributed.

For professionals, staying relevant in an AI-dominated workplace means continually updating skills and understanding the potential impact of AI on their roles. Business leaders also have a role in supporting skill development to stay competitive.

Hood’s personal experimentation with AI in his work at Asana illustrates the practical applications of AI in enhancing work processes and relationships.

In summary, while AI is leading to some job displacements, it is also creating opportunities for higher-value work and more efficient processes. The impact of AI on the workforce is complex and varied, demanding a nuanced understanding and proactive adaptation from both employees and business leaders.


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