Google Fixes Gemini AI Image Generator Tool After Criticism

Mukund Kapoor
By Mukund Kapoor - Author 2 Min Read
2 Min Read

Google is updating its AI photo tool, Gemini, to be more accurate after people said it was too "woke."

In Short
  • Gemini generated incorrect images, showing women and people of different colors as America's founding fathers.
  • Google said they are working to make the AI image generator better.
  • Google took down the tool for now.

February 24th, 2024: Google is in the process of refining its artificial intelligence-powered image generation tool, Gemini, following public backlash over the tool’s handling of diversity.

Users highlighted instances where Gemini produced images that inaccurately represented historical figures, such as America’s founding fathers, by including women and people of various ethnic backgrounds.

This issue raised concerns over the AI’s tendency to prioritize diversity over historical accuracy.

Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director for Gemini Experiences at Google, stated, “While Gemini’s AI image generation aims to cater to a global user base by generating a wide range of people, it has missed the mark in historical contexts.”

The company has recognized the need for a more nuanced approach that respects historical accuracy without compromising on its commitment to diversity.

In response to the feedback, Google announced it would temporarily disable Gemini’s capability to generate images of people.

This measure allows the company to recalibrate the tool’s algorithms to ensure a balance between representing global diversity and maintaining fidelity to historical and contextual accuracy.

This scenario underscores the challenges faced by AI technologies in navigating the complexities of cultural sensitivity, diversity, and historical representation.

Google’s commitment to addressing these issues reflects a broader industry-wide effort to enhance AI systems’ understanding and representation of human diversity while avoiding the perpetuation of stereotypes or biases.

The controversy also highlights the ongoing debate around the role of AI in shaping perceptions and the importance of ethical considerations in AI development.

As AI tools become increasingly integrated into daily life, ensuring they reflect the diverse tapestry of human society accurately and sensitively remains a priority for developers and stakeholders alike.


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