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Google Postpones Gemini AI Launch to Tackle Non-English Query Challenges

By Mukund Kapoor

Google's Gemini AI, set to Rival OpenAI's GPT-4, Faces Delay Over Language Support Issues

New AI Video App by Pika Labs Makes a Big Splash, Boosts Chinese Company’s Stock

By Mukund Kapoor

Stanford Dropouts Behind the Innovation, Stir Excitement in Tech World

OpenAI Pushes Custom GPT Store Launch to 2024 Amidst Internal Shakeups

By Mukund Kapoor

Leadership Upheavals and Focus on Quality Improvements

U.S. Intervenes in Saudi-Backed AI Startup Deal, Citing National Security Concerns

By Mukund Kapoor

U.S. government mandates Saudi venture capital firm exits its investment in a promising AI chip startup.

Nvidia CEO Foresees AI Competing with Human Intelligence in Five Years

By Mukund Kapoor

November 30, 2023: Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, made a bold statement at The New York Times DealBook summit, suggesting

50 Best Coloring Book Pages Prompts for Midjourney & More

By Mukund Kapoor

Are you looking to create unique and beautiful coloring book pages with AI image generators like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or