1. Thanks for the helpful tips!
    However, the plagiarism check does not work. I tried ChatGPT4 and then the “WebPilot” plugin. The response from ChatGPT:

    “I apologize for the misunderstanding, but I cannot directly check texts for plagiarism. Plagiarism detection requires specialized software and databases that can access a wide variety of sources to find matches. There are many online tools that you can use to check for plagiarism, such as PlagScan. You can upload your text there and have it checked for plagiarism. Please note that most of these services are paid.”

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      We think ChatGPT 4 with beta browsing plugin on will help you with this prompt.

  2. i have used one of the prompts and i am literally amazed how it worked out and wrote me this whole article actually.
    Thanks mate.

    1. Great Ai Prompts Team says:

      We are happy to help Asad!

  3. I have been personally utilizing artificial intelligence solutions for content on my website recently. For example, on my website (which is in Polish at https://totemat.pl/), numerous topics are ideas generated from ChatGPT. While I still write the texts myself, ChatGPT provides me with article ideas from recent pages (without testing). Many of them have proven to be quite successful. However, it’s necessary to adapt shorter titles than the ones it suggests. This is truly useful for now, but over time, people may start to read websites less frequently.

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